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1311 error repair tool – Solve error 1311 quickly

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When trying to install a program just like Office XP on the computer, you may receive an error message similar to the following in the verbose log:

“Error 1311. Source file not found (cabinet): D:\filename.cab. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.”

fix error 1311

Because of this, you then cannot complete the installation properly as usual. This can be very annoying when fail to install some desired programs on the computer and cannot perform some PC request properly. Don’t be worried too much! And here I will recommend you the best 1311 error repair tool to solve this issue.

The error 1311 source file not found may have been caused by configuration settings of Windows being changed. If the Local Policy Rights settings have been altered, then Windows may not have permission to access certain settings that it needs to run your programs. Follow these steps:

*Log On windows as an administrator.
* Run Local Computer Policy Snap In.
* Open Local Computer Policy and expand Computer Configuration.
* In Computer Configuration open Windows Settings and then open Security Settings.
* Now open Local Policies and click on User Rights Assignment.
* Right click in the Windows on right, Log On as a service and then click on Properties.
* Now click on Add Users or Group, select the user which you want to add to the policy and press OK.
* Close Local Computer Policy Snap In.

Secondly, you should check and uninstall some recently-installed programs. Have you recently installed a device or made any changes to your Device Manager before the code 1311 error message appeared? If so, the problem might be caused by the changes that you have ever made. So to get rid of the error message, undo the change if possible and restart your computer to see whether the problem has been solved.

But you still have to make sure that all the device drivers on your computer have been updated to the latest ones. Some outdated drivers can also stop you from installing some programs on the PC by showing an error 1311 or other messages like error code 0X80070002.

Fourthly, detect and remove any virus and worms in your computer. Virus, Trojans and worms could be able to change your system setting as to cause error 1311. So, if you find any traces of these programs, you’d better find a way to remove them completely so as to run the computer properly.

However, most of the time error 1311 will happen when the registry is corrupt, or when there are some missing files or unwanted files existing in Windows registry. So to get rid of this computer error, you should remove the unwanted files from the registry using registry editor. However, when making any changes to the registry, it is better that you should first back it up and be careful enough not to make any mistake. For safety of the computer, running a professional registry clean tool will be a best choice.

So, still cannot install some programs on the PC due to a 1311 error message? Run the 1311 error repair tool here right now; then, it will completely scan the whole PC and get rid of all errors causing such installation failure issue quickly for you.

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