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503 Service Unavailable error – Troubleshoot and fix it now

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on January 29th, 2013 | Leave a comment

After typing the URL and press Enter to continue, some users will annoyingly get the 503 Service Unavailable error message rather than being navigated to the correct web page. It is a common HTTP status code telling you that the web site’s server is simply not available – either too busy or under maintenance right now. Sometimes, some problems on the computer can also bring in the appearance of this 503 error to happen. Anyhow, you will get solutions to troubleshoot and fix it!

HTTP 503 error

By the way, the 503 Service Unavailable error messages may appear on your computer in many different formats. Those are the common ones you might see:

* 503 Service Unavailable
* 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
* HTTP Server Error 503
* Service Unavailable – DNS Failure
* 503 Error
* HTTP 503
* HTTP Error 503
* Error 503 Service Unavailable

How to get rid of 503 Service Unavailable error messages?
In many cases, the 503 error is just temporary and can be solved easily by clicking the reload/refresh button or pressing F5. You can do this several times so as to get access to the desired web pages properly.

If you still fail after several attempts, wait a few minutes and try the URL later. It is quite common for a popular website to encounter a 503 Service Unavailable error due to the fact that a huge increase in traffic by visitors will overwhelm the server. A too busy sever at most of the time can bring in several HTTP status error codes such as Error 502 Bad Gateway and error 800a03e8.

Thirdly, restart your computer or your router trying to fix the 503 Service Unavailable error. It is likely that an issue with your computer’s or router’s DNS server configurations can bring in such HTTP error to take place and a simple restart of them can fix the problem for you instantly.

Fourthly, to permanently get rid of a HTTP 503 error, you have to make sure the computer is totally virus clean. We know that it is very easy for a computer to get infected even though it is only for daily usage. What is more, viruses at most of the time are invisible, meaning that you won’t be able to find them with naked eyes. Seriously, they can also disguise themselves by using dozens of different file names in different locations, or even by generating random names so it’s not as easily detected, and then do whatever they want on the PC. They will navigate your search results to some strange pages, collect & remove any files from the hard disk, collect your online activities and send them to hackers… It is quite possible for your computer to get infected and display a 503 Service Unavailable error. Thus, do immediately run your antivirus antispyware program to scan and remove all detected threats from the computer.

Finally, completely scan and repair registry errors. Well, first of all you should know that registry stores many files and entries that contain required instructions for your hardware and software to run properly. This way, no matter whenever you install a program or add a new hardware device to the PC, the system will collect all of its entries and add them to the Windows registry database. Sometimes, your programs may even share the same instruction files so as to run correctly. But the problem is that, as you uninstall a program from your PC, it may remove some required entries or leave some useless entries within the database, making the registry messed up severely. If the system or even the web browser cannot locate the needed entries to display your visiting page, a 503 Service Unavailable error will display inevitably. To ensure a smooth online surfing and a pleasant PC life, it is highly advised that you should fix registry errors by a trusted registry cleaner immediately. Then, you will enjoy your PC pleasantly all the time.

In a word, a 503 Service Unavailable error is quite easy to generate unexpectedly during the usage of the computer. But after coming to my post here, you can deal with it the simplest way and surf the web properly!

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