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550 Access Toolbar Removal – How to Uninstall 550 Access Toolbar Easily

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550 Access Toolbar is a free web browser toolbar which can search from any Web page, block pop-ups and search-engine ads, and erase your surfing history. However, sometimes for some reason, the application may not meet your expectation and you just need to remove 550 Access Toolbar. How to completely uninstall toolbar you don’t like? When you want to uninstall 550 Access Toolbar, follow the simple but useful tutorial below.

To remove 550 Access Toolbar from Firefox, you can follow tips below:

1. Open the Firefox browser, and click the Tools menu at the top of the browser.

2. Click Add-ons in the Tools menu.

3. Scroll until you find 550 Access Toolbar and click on it, choose Uninstall.

4. Click again when you are prompted to confirm.

5. Close the Add-ons Manager, and restart your browser.

The most common used method to uninstall a program comes to the Add/ Remove programs on Control Panel. You can uninstall 550 Access Toolbar with following steps:

1. End the running browser with task manager.

2. Click on START and proceed to the CONTROL PANEL.

3. Then you will have to go to the Add/remove programs option present in the CONTROL PANEL for Windows XP; UNINSTALL PROGRAM in case of Windows Vista; PROGRAM in Windows 7.

4. Change programs or Remove programs have to be selected then from the top left corner but the position will vary depending on the Operating System.

5. Highlight and select the 550 Access Toolbar from the list. Then click on the Uninstall or Remove.

6. It is necessary to reboot the system.

You can manually uninstall the 550 Access Toolbar by following the instructions above. However, the simple process does not mean that you won’t fail. Although you were extremely careful, the removal would mess up with other program on the computer easily. Therefore, it is highly recommended users to run a clean removal with uninstall tools. A professional uninstall tool would uninstall any unwanted program quickly and completely.

How to completely uninstall 550 Access Toolbar in a simpler and more effective way? The answer is to use a trusted and reliable Perfect Uninstaller. A very useful feature of Perfect Uninstaller is that it not only deletes those unwanted programs, but also force uninstalls all of the unwanted leftovers. This powerful, trusted and reliable uninstall tool can also help you uninstall Bing Bar and AltaVista Toolbar in a fast, secure and convenient way.

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