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7search.com Removal – How to Get Rid of 7search.com Browser Hijacker

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on January 20th, 2013 | Leave a comment

7search.com is a misleading website related to browser hijacker virus. At the first sight, users may think it is a normal search engine system, but once you use the search engine, you will find the search result is all about ads and unrelated websites. We call it fake search engine. 7search.com uses browser hijacker technique to exploit browser vulnerability and attack the computer. The infection will change web browser settings such as homepage, default search engine as well as toolbar. The browser hijacker virus can redirect all the search result in most popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. The web browser will open 7search.com and generates a new result. The redirection is not just annoying but also harmful. Malicious process will run in the background and then collect sensitive information. It can gain your system information to further the computer and monitor users’ online activities to steal your accounts. It is urgent to remove 7search.com browser hijacker quickly.

Manual removal guide
Manual removal is one of the possible ways to get rid of virus, but it is not widely used due to its complexity. Experts with advanced pc skills and knowledge are the common group to adopt manual removal. You can have a try and see whether you can follow the steps to wipe off 7search.com redirect virus.
1. Run task manager and kill malicious process
2. Uninstall any related and unknown toolbar
3. Search for malicious files and delete them completely
4. Run registry editor and clean up malicious registry entries

Recommended way to remove 7search.com
It is recommended to use a virus removal program to deal with any kind of infection if you are not as experienced as a pc technician. A virus removal program provides simple and safe solution. Users can locate the virus quickly after a scan and then get rid of the infection by clicking some buttons. Do you have an antivirus program? Can your antivirus software remove 7search.com redirect virus? It is found that antispyware software has better performance in remove browser hijacker virus than antivirus software. If you are looking for 7search.com removal tool, you can use Spyware Cease, a professional antispyware program, proved to be able to wipe off the redirect virus effectively.

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