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A Complete Uninstall Solution for NETGATE Internet Security

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on November 28th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Do you know how to uninstall NETGATE Internet Security from computer? Or do you encounter problems when uninstall security program from windows? If you have installed NETGATE Internet Security on your computer and now you don’t want to use it, you need to remove it from your system completely. This article provides you some useful information on how to uninstall NETGATE Internet Security thoroughly.

First solution: Uninstall NETGATE Internet Security from the Start menu

1) Close all the process related to NETGATE Internet Security from Windows Tasky Manager.

2) Click Start>Programs or All programs> NETGATE Internet Security>Uninstall NETGATE Internet Security.

3) Reboot the computer.


Second solution: Uninstall NETGATE Internet Security with Windows standard uninstaller

1) The first thing to do is to go to start and to click on settings.

2) Once clicked on settings, go to the control panel.

3) In the control panel you’ll have to click on Add/Remove programs.

4) Now you’ll notice a list of programs, software and applications that’s installed on your computer. Check your list, and select NETGATE Internet Security.

5) Click on uninstall and confirm that you want to uninstall the program.


But these steps are not complete enough to get rid of those components of NETGATE Internet Security from your computer. Oftentimes, some files will be left called “left-over files”. These files should be removed from your computer by pressing “Start” and then locating “My Computer”. Next, you have to select “C:\Program Files\” and then find the left-over files. After locating the files, click the NETGATE Internet Security and hit the “SHIFT + DELETE” keys on your keyboards. Reboot your computer to complete the process.


For you convenience and the safety, I would like to introduce you an easier method to do the NETGATE Internet Security removal once and for all.


How do you uninstall NETGATE Internet Security Easier?

Recommended Uninstall Method: Follow these steps to use the Uninstaller Assistant

1. Firstly, close all running applications before attempting to uninstall NETGATE Internet Security. You can right-click the NETGATE Internet Security system tray icon (the orange/brown bug running near your clock) and select “Exit” from the menu.

2. Click here to download and run one reliable and reputed NETGATE Internet Security Uninstaller Assistant: Perfect Uninstaller.

3. Run the uninstall program, locate to NETGATE Internet Security on the list and click Uninstall.

4. Follow the instructions given by the Perfect Uninstaller.


Perfect Uninstaller is a professional uninstaller that can help you uninstall NETGATE Internet Security and other unwanted programs quickly, easily and completely. Moreover, it can clean out all rubbish, useless files and keys on your computer. The earlier you download Perfect Uninstaller, the earlier you can uninstall Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 or PC Tools Threatfire completely.

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