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Absolute Useful Tips of Uninstalling PicBand Image Downloader

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Want to uninstall PicBand Image Downloader from your computer when you get a new downloader? It could be a difficult job for computer beginners to fully remove PicBand Image Downloader from system. Do you have experience of uninstalling windows program? If you have no idea how you can effectively get rid of PicBand Image Downloader, there is a guide you can follow.

You can perform the following removal method away to uninstall PicBand Image Downloader.


1. Stop the running processes in Task Manager.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Press the Processes tab

close background services or killing its process within task manager


2. Remove the program from the Control Panel.

Open the Start menu and then select Control Panel

Click on the programs option

Choose Uninstall a program. Then computer will spend a minute or two to compile a list of programs installed on your computer

Scroll through the list until you find PicBand Image Downloader

Click on the PicBand Image Downloader and then select Uninstall. Or you can simply double click on the PicBand Image Downloader and then a User Account Control window will open asking permission to continue with removing the program

Follow the on screen instructions to finish the removal

Restart your computer if necessary


3. Remove all files related to PicBand Image Downloader.

Use Windows Search to search for all related files on your PC

Once you found them, click Delete without any delay

Press Start Menu again, and then move to Run

Fill regedit into the blank to activate Registry Editor

Every related entry should be deleted the moment you find it

Restart your computer if you want


It is also good for you to enable a professional uninstall tool to help you delete those PicBand Image Downloader related files and registry entries. With powerful uninstall techniques, Perfect Uninstaller is proved to be a professional uninstall tool that can force uninstall any leftovers of fake programs completely. With it, you can easily uninstall PicBand Image Downloader without any left over.


To fix these redirect problems equip your computer with a Perfect Uninstaller and locate its directory to be removed. Removing any left entry of PicBand Image Downloader that is on your computer with your Perfect Uninstaller should solve any installing or downloading problems. Try Perfect Uninstaller to uninstall your unwanted program like Everest Home Edition and Driver Magician now!

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