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Access violation at address 00409a0e – How to troubleshoot and fix it?

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Just as what I have ever said in my previous post, an Access Violation error message will pop up while you are launching a certain even a small program due to a Random Access Memory (RAM) issue. Recently, I find lots of users are suffer from an “access violation at address 00409a0e” message and do not know what they should do. To run the computer properly and launch all of your desired programs without issue, just read on and you will get solutions on how to troubleshoot and fix this Access Violation error.

Access Violation error

To totally get rid of “access violation at address 00409a0e” error message, you should clean out the Temp Folder from your computer, The Temp folder on the computer sometimes contains files that are interfering with the proper running of your computer. So, you can directly remove it from the computer to see whether it helps to solve the Access Violation error. Here, I take Windows XP as an example to show you how to clean out the Tem folder.

* Click on Start and then Run.
* In open window, type %Temp% and click OK. Then a folder full of files and other folders will appear.
* To remove several or individual folders or files, hold down your Ctrl key while left-clicking on each item you want delete; to delete all items, hit your Delete key or choose File and then “Delete” from the menu.
*Confirm that you are going to delete the files by clicking “Yes” on the Confirm Multiple File Delete window that opens.

After removing the Temp folder from the computer, you can try running the program again to see whether you are able to launch it correctly without problems.

Sometimes, you might get the “access violation at address 00409a0e” error message when your hard drive has a bad sector, which will stop the system to read or write anything from/to the hard disk. So, the second thing you should do is to check & fix all hard disk errors and bad sectors immediately. You can use Windows Disk Manager tool to check & fix all file system errors and bad sectors on your hard disk. To do this, you can easily perform the below steps:

* Right click on the hard drive and click Properties
* Click Tools tab and click “Check Now” under Error-checking.
* In the dialog box select the “Automatically fix file system errors” or/and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” check box to automatically fix all file system errors and bad sectors.

By the way, bear in mind that whenever you connect online to read emails; chat with friends on online social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter; buy & pay bills, or download data; you will get exposed to prospective unknown threats such as Trojan horses, key-loggers, and a lot of some other unknown threats. All of these will be able to reset your default system settings to bring in the weird “access violation at address 00409a0e” error messages. So, it is highly advised that you can have an antivirus antispyware program installed on the PC and use it to realtime block & remove PC threats from the computer. This is what you should not miss when trying to prevent this or some other computer errors just like XP Start menu not working problems.

Also, to make the computer work correctly without error messages like “access violation at address 00409a0e”, you’d better troubleshoot and fix Windows registry errors. The registry records all your computer activity, continuously installing and uninstalling programs may at some extent crowd up the database. That is, as you uninstall a certain program, some useless files and keys won’t be traced and deleted and they will be left behind in the Windows registry database. All of these, will greatly slow down computer performance as well as generate kinds of computer error messages.

Most of the time, the above solutions also work in dealing with some other kinds of Access Violation rather than the “access violation at address 00409a0e” problem. Thus, it is highly advised that you can keep on doing the above steps in your daily life to make the computer run at top performance all the time.

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