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Access Violation error – Troubleshoot and repair Access Violation error instantly

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Upon starting up the PC, launching a program or even visiting a web page, the users will annoyingly get an Access Violation error messages such as “Access Violation Error at address 00423B70 in Module Comcast” or “Access Violation at address 500B6430 in module rtl150.bpl” … Any of this error message will stop you from starting up the computer or launching some certain programs correctly. Basically, an access violation tells that an application you are running is trying to use a portion of the Random Access Memory (RAM) that was being used by another processes or one to which the process has no valid access. If cannot be repaired timely, it could cause unexpected damages to the PC.

fix access violation error

Possibly, an access violation error message can be caused by one of the following solutions.
* The error happens when one process did not lock the memory location before accessing correctly. Locking it helps to inform all other processes that they cannot use this location until it is unlocked for general use.
* The access violation error can also happen when the computer gets infected or does not follow the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) rules.
* The Windows update process svchost.exe runs into a memory leak when checking for updates that currently use the Windows installer.

Tips to troubleshoot and repair access violation error instantly
1) Download and install all latest Microsoft Updates. It is quite common for the Microsoft to release some available updates irregularly to fix some bugs within the operating system itself. And most of the time, an update usually contains a fix for an access violation error instantly.

2) Same as the above solution, if you are getting the access violation error message while running a certain program, go to the publisher’s official website to download and install any pitches or updates for the application. If needed, you can directly uninstall and reinstall the program again to see whether the error has been resolved or not.

3) Perform a virus and malware scan to completely scan & eliminate all viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, etc. Malwares are able to easily get onto the computer and attack & remove any system file from the PC, causing the happening of access violation errors or some other computer errors at different forms. It is strongly recommended that you can let your antivirus antispyware program always running in the background to realtime block & remove any PC threats.

4) Run a good registry cleaner to fix any invalid entries and remove any orphaned entries that may be left behind after an incomplete program install or uninstall. Playing as the main component of the Windows-based operating system, an error within the registry can severely affect the smooth running of the PC, stopping from accessing some required entries and finally bringing in an access violation error message. A registry cleaner will completely scan the whole PC and repair all errors causing the access violation error within minutes.

All the above steps sound quite easy to instantly solve the access violation error. And it is of course very simple to fix access violation if you know how to do. Follow the above steps now, and you can easily enjoy an error-clean system without difficulty.

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