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Allgameshome.com – How to Remove Allgameshome.com Virus

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on November 29th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Allgameshome.com looks like a online game site, but is detected to use browser-hijacking technique in gaining traffic and downloading games. Is your web browser redirected to the web site when you do not intend to visit it? The site is not harmful itself but the redirection shows your computer is infected by browser hijacker virus. Allgameshome.com redirect virus tried to replace the default search engine or home page after making undesired changes to your web browser. For example, you can not visit website related to security programs. When you click a link in google search result, you will probably be lead to another site. If you are experiencing browser redirection, you should be careful because virus can attack your computer when you are redirected to a malicious site. In this circumstance, you should remove Allgameshome.com virus completely and make sure your computer is free of browser hijacker virus.

How to fix Allgameshome.com redirection
You can either remove the virus manually or using a security program. Apparently most users will choose a security program since manual removal involves steps like killing malicious processes and modifying windows registry. If you want to get rid of Allgameshome.com quickly, you need a security program.

1. Enter Safe Mode with Networking
2. Clean your Cache and Cookies in browser. Take IE for example
Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > General tab
Under Browsing History, click Delete.
Click Delete Files, Delete cookies and Delete history
3. Delete temporary files
4. Update your antivirus program and run a scan
5. After scan if Allgameshome.com or any other threat is detected, click remove button

Do you have an effective security program? Not all antivirus programs can remove the browser hijacker virus effectively. If you have tried above steps with your antivirus program and your web browser still can not get rid of redirection, you can download an advanced virus removal program like Spyware Cease. The software is recommended by many experts as it is good at handling browser hijack problems. With Spyware Cease, you can remove Allgameshome.com virus quickly and easily.
1. Download and install Spyware Cease
2. Launch the software and update it to the latest
3. Run a full scan
4. Click remove button to get rid of detected virus

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