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Allsearch.com Redirect Virus – How to Remove Allsearch.com Browser Hijacker Virus

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Allsearch.com is related to browser hijacker virus similar to Search-results.com. The malicious domain uses browser hijack technique to gain visitors and meanwhile cause various web browser issues. The main problem is Allsearch.com replaces the homepage, default search engine or pop up when you do not expect it. The infection is also classified as google redirect virus. The redirect virus will take control of all your web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. It is useless to reinstall web browser. Allsearch.com is a fake search engine which will display malicious websites on the search results or displays lots of advertisements. No matter you use the fake search engine or not, the browser hijacker virus can record your search inquiries and key strokes on the background. Later, the sensitive data will be sent to the server and probably sold to third parties. Moreover, the browser hijacker virus makes the computer especially the web browser vulnerable. Other threats can access the compromised computer easily via the browser. When you want to visit some site associated with security programs, Allsearch.com virus may force the page to close.

If you are experiencing the web browser redirection, you can learn how to fix the hijacked web browser in this article.

How to remove Allsearch.com effectively
The first solution we recommend to you is the best one. That is to scan the computer with a professional virus removal program. Such software is intelligent and comprehensive. Using a comprehensive security program may be even better than hiring a pc technician. Allsearch.com must hide deeply on the computer but it can not escape from the sensitive scan engine of an antivirus program. Software like Spyware Cease can analyze every file in rapid speed. After half or an hour scan, all malicious items including registry entries, files and programs will be picked up. What a users need to do is just click a remove button and then Allsearch.com virus will be gone once for all.

We consider using a security program as safest way because it is more stable than a human technician. Even when a pc technician is removing a virus, he or she will try a powerful virus removal program first. Spyware Cease is a popular choice among pc technician. If you want to remove Allsearch.com quickly, you can download it by yourself.

Another way to remove the infection is much more complicated. That is manual removal, which involves ending malicious processes, delete related files and modify windows registry. If you are not very sure about the whole processes, you’d better use a security program to remove Allsearch.com.

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