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Antivirus Protection 2012 – How to Remove Antivirus Protection 2012 instantly

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Antivirus Protection 2012 is a kind of fake antivirus program just like Security Scanner 2012. Such program exploits system vulnerabilities or use Trojan to install on the target computer. It performs numerous vicious actions to deteriorate your PC. After entering your computer it generates malicious codes in startup registry entry and start automatically after every login. It degrades your PC performance and ultimately takes over your system. All the problems and errors Antivirus Protection 2012 made on the compromised computers are used to make users believe that their computer is infected and Antivirus Protection 2012 can detect the virus. The fake antivirus program will constantly display fake warning messages and pretend to scan the whole computer. You should never believe the warning messages and scan result. Purchasing the software will be a waste of money and time.

How to remove Antivirus Protection 2012?
The malware will run automatically at windows startup, which makes it more difficult to get rid of the malware. However, if you are quick enough you could end related process at windows startup before Antivirus Protection 2012 pops up. After this short time, even task manager will be blocked.

Manaul removal way
1. Enter Safe Mode and Run Task Manager before the malware pop up. The following are malicious processes that should be ended.
2. Delete registry entries of Antivirus Protection 2012

Antivirus Protection 2012 SM
Antivirus Protection

3. Delete related files and folders

%APPDATA%\Antivirus Protection 2012
Antivirus Protection.lnk
%USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Antivirus Protection
%APPDATA%\ Antivirus Protection\ AntivirusProtection2012.exe
%APPDATA%\Antivirus Protection
%APPDATA%\ Antivirus Protection\ securitymanager.exe
%APPDATA%\ Antivirus Protection\ securityhelper.exe
%AppData%\Antivirus Protection\securitymanager.exe
%AppData%\Antivirus Protection\antivirusprotection2012.exe
%Desktop%\Antivirus Protection.lnk
%StartMenu%\Programs\Antivirus Protection\antivirus protection.lnk

Using a Removal Tool to Remove Antivirus Protection 2012
Installing a removal tool to take responsible for all of the virus removal jobs is the best way to protect our computers, more and more people would like to install a removal tool in their computer to keep away their computers from various types of viruses. It is good at scanning your computer and cleaning all of the infected viruses and protecting your computer from other threats in the future. The removal tool I am using now is Spyware Cease, it can find out some viruses which had deeply hidden in my computer for a long time (the general anti-virus cannot do that), and being a real safe guard to protect my computer well till now. Its Antivirus Protection 2012 removal steps are quite simple:

  1. Download and install Spyware Cease for free
  2. Press Start Scan and let it scan your computer
  3. When the scanning job is completed, it should find out the Antivirus Protection 2012
  4. Press “Remove” bottom to get rid of Antivirus Protection 2012

If you are not good at computer, it is better to choose a software to replace you solve the virus infection problem such as Antivirus Protection 2012, keeping away from the dangerous viruses and improve the computer security is every computer users’ aspirations, and Spyware Cease can be a good assistant for you

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