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Application error 0Xc00007b fix – Help for application error 0Xc00007b

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An application error 0Xc00007b usually happens when you are trying to start up the PC, or launch a certain program. It tells that a file or setting in your system that is not working correctly. Because of this, the Windows will ultimately fail to load up files or run applications properly. You need to learn how to fix this annoying error 0Xc00007b so as to enjoy the PC and the installed programs properly.

error code 0Xc00007b

Just as what you can learn from the above discussion, the application error 0Xc00007b is usually caused by the way in which the Windows cannot locate a file or a setting to run the program properly. Thus, the first thing you should do is to make sure that the computer is able to access and read all files on the computer. This usually contains two aspects – one is to check & fix all errors inside the hard disk drive with the Windows built-in Error-checking utility; the other is to run the System File Checker (SFC) command from Start to thoroughly scan the whole PC to replace all the missing/corrupted system files.

Then, run your antivirus program to detect and remove all existing threats on the PC. It is known that viruses are able to attack and remove any system files from the PC, stopping the system from loading them correctly. If this is the case, an application error 0Xc00007b message will suddenly generate when fails to read such a file. Besides, they may randomly reset your computer, web browser settings without your knowledge to bring in some errors like Google Chrome error 6. For the proper running of the computer and all the installed programs on the PC, let your antivirus program scan your PC regularly and delete all the detected viruses.

If after the above steps the application error 0Xc00007b remains, uninstall and reinstall the program causing the error message to appear. To remove a program, just follow these steps:

*Click Start> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs to bring in the list with all currently installed programs displaying.
*Locate and highlight the application from the list.
*Click “Uninstall” or “Remove” to begin the program uninstall process.
*When the uninstall finishes, you may be asked to restart the computer; just do as prompted.

Sometimes, an uninstallation of the problematic program can stop the application error 0Xc00007b message from happening again. If you really want the program again, reinstall it with your CD/DVD installer or a package download from the Internet.

Sometimes, you’d better download and install all recommended Windows version. This is because some bugs within the older version stop you from performing some PC requests properly. Microsoft usually releases some patches to deal with some unknown errors within some services. You need to get the latest updates from the Microsoft website and install them on your PC. To update your Windows, click Start> All Programs> Windows Update and follow the update wizard to begin the update process.

Finally, clean out Windows registry. Discarded information will remain on your registry as you uninstall a program or as the computer gets infected, filling it with thousands of useless entries or unwanted files. What is more, some system required entries might be wrongly deleted as you uninstall a program. When the system or the programs cannot locate the required entries to load up the program because of a mis-removal, an application error 0Xc00007b will appear. At this time, you’d better download and run a registry clean tool from the Internet to deeply scan your whole PC and repair all errors inside the Windows registry database. I think, with a clean and compact registry database, you will be able to run the computer or all of your installed programs correctly.

Just as what you can learn above, an application error 0Xc00007b can be caused due to many errors on the PC; however, you are able to instantly solve it with the simple tutorials above.

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