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AutoIit Worm – How to Remove AutoIit Worm quickly

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AutoIit is a worm virus, also known as win32.AutoIit. This kind of worm has lots of variants and spread all over the internet. It can arrive at your computer via attachment in email, pop-up website, p2p software and open network shares. AutoIit Worm has the ability to change its own name and codes, so that a security program can not detect it easily. The worm will damage firewall and then open a back door on the compromised computer. When a computer has a back door, it will become a hot target of virus attacks. Moreover, AutoIit Worm will scan for removable device on the computer and then reduplicate itself on it. This will greatly slow down the computer.

How to remove AutoIit Worm
If you know how to locate malicious files and modify windows registry, you can try to remove the worm manually. If you are not very skillful, you may damage the computer by deleting a wrong file or registry entry. Here is how to remove AutoIit Worm manually.
Step1. Run task manager and then kill the process
If you can not end the process, try to enter Safe Mode
Step2. Delete following files


Step3. Run registry editor and then delete AutoIit Worm registry entries

“Yahoo Messengger” = “%System%\RVHOST.exe”
[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
Shell = “Explorer.exe RVHOST.exe”
DisableRegistryTools = 1
DisableTaskMgr = 1

After the three steps, you should be able to get rid of AutoIit Worm. If you are not experienced enough to take manual method, you should use a security program to remove the worm automatically.

Automatic way
Using a virus removal program can get rid of the worm automatically. A virus removal program will pick up associated files and registry entries automatically after a scan. Users do not have to worry about how to remove them. Just clicking on a remove button can wipe off AutoIit Worm automatically.

Are you looking for an effective virus removal program? Spyware Cease, an advanced virus removal program, will be what you are looking for. It can remove AutoIit Worm instantly after an online scan.

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