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Backdoor.0access – How to Remove Backdoor.0access quickly

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Backdoor.0access is a backdoor Trojan that can bring other pc threats and install malicious programs on the infected computer. How can you know whether your computer is infected or not? The most accurate way is to run an antivirus program. You can also check whether your pc has some infection symptoms like

  • Desktop is changed
  • Browser is hijacked
  • Drive becomes inaccessible and automatic deletion of files
  • Inaccessible windows Update service
  • System stops working or locks up
  • Account gets locked on network

Backdoor.0access is a dangerous back door server program which provides a means of accessing a computer system that bypasses security mechanisms and send user’s sensitive information like passwords, personal and financial data to the hacker.

Backdoor.0access Removal way
To completely cure your infected computer, you need to remove the trojan and also files downloaded by it. The first thing you need is a professional antivirus program. And the second is correct removal way. We recommend you to use the one that detected Backdoor.0access and gave you an alert.
1. Run Task Manager and click processes tab. Right-click EXPLORER.EXE and select end process
2. Type REGEDIT.EXE in run and press enter. In registry editor find out the following entry and delete it
3. Enable EXPLORER.EXE process. in Task Manager open the tab “File\New Task (Run…)” and enter the command “explorer”.
4. Delete Backdoor.0access files
5. Remove the original trojan file, usually in C root directory.
6. Remove all temporary files
7. Run your antivirus program and make sure it is up-to-date. Run a scan to remove Backdoor.0access entirely

Effective Way to Protect Your Computer from Backdoor.0access
Just like we have talked about, Backdoor.0access is a new version of trojan virus created by those evil hackers, the general antivirus software installed in the computer usually cannot instantly find its infection. Therefore, having a powerful security tool is the most important for the computer protection (it is impossible to protect your computer by yourself at every time, a security is a must), while the general computer cannot meet the demands of effectively protect your computer, it is time for have a more powerful security program: a professional removal tool. Professional removal tool is always designed by outstanding computer specialists which is good at finding and removing different kinds of viruses and threats from the infected computer. A qualified and professional removal tool such as Spyware Cease always can be more powerful than the general antivirus program for the virus removal. So I think it must be a good choice for you to get rid of Backdoor.0access and even other virus from your computer.

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