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Backdoor.frauder Removal – How Can I Remove Backdoor.frauder safely

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Backdoor.frauder is classified as Trojan virus that can open a back door on the compromised computer. It allows hackers access the computer from remote server. Backdoor trojan is a disaster for computer because other threats can attack the infected computer easily. So when your computer is infected by Backdoor.frauder, you will encounter lots of pc issues. The Trojan is distributed via p2p software, fake search engine, pornographic content websites and some bundled programs. It is an urgent issue to wipe off the Trojan and clean up the infected computer because the Trojan can destroy the system totally and expose sensitive information to third parties. Learn how to remove Backdoor.frauder from your computer now.

How does Backdoor.frauder damage your computer

  • Capture screenshot and key strokes
  • Deliver your personal information to remote server
  • Display fake warning to cheat money
  • Kill windows process and delete system files
  • Install malicious programs

How to remove Backdoor.frauder from pc
First, I will introduce a manual removal way to get rid of the Trojan. Before we start, you need to make sure you are clear about how to end processes, delete files and remove a registry entry or modify registry value. These are the key steps to remove Backdoor.frauder manually. The disadvantage of manual way is it is easy cause system instability issue or even system crashes.
1. Run task manager and find out processes in random name or occupying large system resource. Right-click the processes and select end the process
2. Find out the files generated by the trojan

%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\[RANDOM HEXADECIMAL DIGITS].tmp

3. Run registry editor and then delete Backdoor.frauder registry entries

Is manual removal way complicated for you? In the following passage I will introduce an easy way that everyone can use to wipe off the infection. It is to use an advanced virus removal program like Spyware Cease. A virus removal program is considered as the simplest and safest way to deal with complex Trojan. Actually, even you remove Backdoor.frauder manually, it is recommended to run a scan by a virus removal program to pick up other threats that may access your computer via the back door.

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