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Backdoor.Rocra – How to Wipe off Backdoor.Rocra Trojan instantly

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on January 15th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Backdoor.Rocra is one of latest backdoor trojan similar to Troj/Agent-ZMO that can open a back door on the infected system to let hackers attack the computer easily. It can download malicious files and programs from predetermined domains. It is a big threat to your personal information like bank account and passwords. Is your computer infected by Backdoor.Rocra? Do you know how to remove the Trojan from your computer and prevent it from downloading malicious items to your computer? You could find the removal solution from the following passage. However, you should also know how it gets into your pc. Backdoor.Rocra could attach to freeware or shareware. When you visit an infected website, malicious codes could insert to your web browser and wait for a change to download the Trojan.

Method one: Remove Backdoor.Rocra Manually
Manual removal is acceptable if you are confident enough in dealing system processes and Backdoor.Rocra files and Registry Entries. This process is complicated and requires patience. It is important to know that the registry is a core component of your Windows system, so it is strongly recommended that you back up the registry before you begin deleting keys and values. Here are the basic steps for you.

1. Open Windows task manager and stop all the associated processes.
2. Find and delete Backdoor.Rocra files.
3. Find and delete all the associated Registry Entries.

Method two: Backdoor.Rocra removal program
An antispyware program could remove the backdoor virus effectively and regain control of your computer. As the hacker could take control of the compromised system, victims may encounter problems with downloading and executing program. In this circumstance, you need to restore system.

Before the situation is worse, it is highly recommended to download Spyware Cease, a reliable Backdoor.Rocra removal program. It adopts powerful double-can engine and is sensitive to suspicious files. When Spyware Cease detects unknown files, it could send them to server for further analysis, so that no potential risk could escape from the detection.

1. Download Spyware Cease here
2. Install and run the Backdoor.Rocra removal program
3. Run a full scan
4. Click remove button under spyware tab
5. Click check button under unknown file tab

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