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Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1 – How to Remove Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1 easily

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Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1 is a harmful variant from backdoor Trojan family. The Trojan will install remote control desktop on the compromised computer and give hackers to access the system easily. The backdoor can bring additional Trojans to the infected computer. For example, rogue software are widely spread via backdoor Trojan like Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1. You may suffer redirected web browser, locked desktop and annoying pop-up. When the Trojan installs, it writes new registry entries to make sure it can run automatically when you turn on the computer. Meanwhile, it creates lots of malicious files on the computer and modify system settings, so it is hard to remove Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1 completely. If you are one of the victims, learn how to remove Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1 with the following methods.

Technical details
This information could help experience users to remove Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1 manually. For most computer users, it is no help. After analysis, we found

The Trojan drops the following files

C:\Recycler\[RANDOM NUMBER].tmp

Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1 also drops a clean file with a .doc, .pdf, or .ppt extension under the %Temp% or %CurrentFolder% directory and then opens it.

The trojan creates the following registry entry so that it runs every time Windows starts:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”Adobe Update” = “[PATH TO DROPPED FILE]”

How to remove Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1 easily
To remove the Trojan completely is to wipe off all its traces. As you see the Trojan creates files, add registry entries and change files, it is hard to remove all manually. As far as we are concerned, using an antivirus program is the best and effective method to get rid of Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1. Want to know which one is the best antivirus program? Definitely, Spyware Cease is the most professional and powerful antivirus program since it can detect various kinds of viruses within few minutes and help remove them effectively from your PC. Can’t wait to have a try? Please click here and download Spyware Cease, and we are pretty sure that you will clean up Backdoor.Wakeminap!g1 permanently from your PC.

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