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Backdoor.Rabasheeta Removal – Simple Way to Get Rid of Backdoor.Rabasheeta

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Backdoor.Rabasheeta is a perilous backdoor Trojan. It is used to give a path for its hackers to access the infected computer. It is detected that some other threats can also access the compromised computer via the back door. Threats access the computer via back door can easily avoid the detection from real-time shield. Once Backdoor.Rabasheeta installs, the infected computer will run slow since the Trojan use high system resource and network to spread itself. It is hard to point out the exact symptoms of the infection because it usually combines with other infection, such as browser hijacker virus, rogue program and spyware. It is highly recommended to remove Backdoor.Rabasheeta by a professional antivirus program.

If you can not remove the Trojan in time, the consequence may be system crashes and personal information is stolen and exposed to third parties. When the infected computer runs as slow as a crawl it increases the difficulty to remove Backdoor.Rabasheeta. In addition to running an antivirus program, manual removal is also a possible way to get rid of the backdoor Trojan.

How to remove Backdoor.Rabasheeta manually
1. Save important files to a removable media device for fear that you lose important data after completing the manual removal. You can also create a system restore point, so that when unexpected situation happens you still have a chance to restore everything.
2. Restart computer to enter Safe Mode so that most unnecessary processes will not run. You should check whether Backdoor.Rabasheeta runs on the background via task manager. If suspicious process is running, highlight it and click on end process button.
3. Locate the Trojan program and delete all components of it.
4. Run registry editor and delete the following registry entries
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”iesys” = “[PATH TO TROJAN]”

Recommended solution
Do you have an antivirus program that can remove Backdoor.Rabasheeta effectively? For users who do not have an antivirus program or can not remove the backdoor Trojan, we recommend them to use an antispyware program like Spyware Cease. In the case of Backdoor.Rabasheeta removal, an antispyware program is a better choice than an antivirus program. Among so many programs, Spyware Cease is outstanding in that it can remove various threats and protect pc against attacks effectively.

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