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BCCode error 124 – Steps to solve BSOD error BCCode 124 now

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The BCCode error 124 will happen together when the computer screen becomes blue. At this time, all the working computer programs will stop working at the same time. According to my own experience, this error is such a huge problem for many PC users because it can appear randomly and make all the on-working but unsaved projects go like a smoke. For the security and proper running of the computer, you should learn how to solve BSOD error BCCode 124 instantly.

BSOD error BCCode 124

No matter whenever you get the blue screen error BCCode 124, directly restart the computer. In many situations, it was caused due to a temporary issue on the PC and can be solved instantly after a system restart.

Secondly, to prevent and fix BSOD error BCCode 124, you should make sure that the computer is always virus clean. A virus is a program or piece of code that can get onto your computer secretly without your permission and runs against your wishes. Seriously, viruses can also replicate themselves easily. That is to say, a simple virus can make a copy of itself over and over again and then does what it wants on the computer, for example, they are able to attack & remove any file from the computer, reset your computer settings or collect & steal your personal information, or severely eat up computer resources to make it run desperately slowly. That is, though a PC virus is simple, it is very dangerous and should be immediately removed from the computer. When the computer cannot recall the required files to launch a program correctly due to a virus infection, you will soon suffer from a BSOD error BCCode 124 message or some other problems such as iTunes error 44012.

Thirdly, update your drivers to the latest ones. Most blue screen error messages including the BSOD error BCCode 124 are caused by outdated hardware and drivers existing on your computer. So to simply update the outdated drivers could fix the BSOD errors on your computer.

Also, it is most likely that the blue screen errors can be solved by a re-installation of some incompatible software as when some needed files to the specific program have been removed incorrectly. Under this circumstance, you must completely remove all program associated files and directories before reinstalling the program. By the way, it is best that you can completely uninstall all unneeded programs from the PC so as to prevent some error message like BSOD error BCCode 124.

After dealing with the software program, you should troubleshoot and repair Windows. If you have tried all the above solutions but the BSOD error BCCode 124 blue screen error still remains, your system must be actually corrupted due to a power failure or virus attacks. At this time, a repair of Windows is generally a good idea to deal with the fltmgr.sys blue screen error. This helps to replace the file with a fresh one and also quickly get back a smooth computer performance. You can quickly do this by inserting your Windows installation disk.

However, most of the time BSOD error BCCode 124 may occur on a Windows-based computer with the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 client where ConnectMultiplePorts Registry Entry has been configured without your permission. At this time, you should go to Registry Editor and disable ConnectMultiplePorts registry entry by yourself. However, it is not safe to manually modify Windows registry entries especially if you do not have enough computer knowledge about how it works. A simple mistake can bring in more serious problems to the PC rather than a blue screen. If this is the case, it is highly advised that you should rely on a trusted registry cleaner utility to do the job for you. It helps to completely scan the whole PC and easily repair all detected errors, returning you an error-clean computer within minutes.

To prevent and fix BCCode error 124 is quite easy if you have a registry cleaning tool installed on the PC. That is because it helps to completely scan the whole PC to detect all registry errors and safely repair them all. What is more, with its rich utilities you will be able to maintain stable performance easily.

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