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Best Choice to Uninstall ACDSee 10 Photo Manager from Computer

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on October 25th, 2012 | Leave a comment

ACDSee 10 Photo Manager is an editing and image organization application. Is it difficult to accomplish the full removal of ACDSee 10 Photo Manager? Do you know how to immediately uninstall program from computer? I’m telling you effective method to remove ACDSee 10 Photo Manager instantly and completely.

The first method you can use is the manual way of uninstalling ACDSee 10 Photo Manager. Steps:

1. Close process of ACDSee 10 Photo Manager first of all.

2. Open the Start menu and click on Control Panel.

3. Double-click on the Add or Remove Programs button.

4. Search the list of programs and pick the ACDSee 10 Photo Manager you wish to uninstall.

5. Click on the Change/Remove button or Remove button.

6. When the uninstallation is completed restart your computer and the ACDSee 10 Photo Manager is removed.


During the second stage, you need to delete all component files left by ACDSee 10 Photo Manager.

1. Open C drive and find the following relative files and delete them:

C:\Program Files\ ACDSee 10 Photo Manager \

C:\ Documents and Settings\ All Users\ Application Data\ ACDSee 10 Photo Manager \

2. Go to Registry, check and delete registry entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER related to ACDSee 10 Photo Manager.


The second method to remove ACDSee 10 Photo Manager from your computer is to use a universal uninstaller.


What happens a lot when manually uninstall program is that the uninstall simply fails. Also, ACDSee 10 Photo Manager is leaving files in your registry, they need to be deleted too in order to complete the uninstall. If you can not completely uninstall ACDSee 10 Photo Manager by yourself, your best option is to using the automatic uninstaller tool.


It’s recommended to do this by using the Perfect Uninstaller. This is an uninstaller and a removal tool that will help you to uninstall antivirus program such as ACDSee 10 Photo Manager, Defraggler Portable and Animated Water Screen by four steps.


1. Download and save Perfect Uninstaller.

2. Operate it and highlight the program you want to uninstall on the list.

3. Click Uninstall and follow the prompts.

4. Within one minute, you can succeed in removing the program files and entries.

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