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Best Uninstalling Instruction for QtWeb Internet Browser

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QtWeb Internet Browser is a basic, lightweight web browser for Windows that offers a few nice perks. If you don’t like the way the browser looks or feels, you’re able to uninstall it from your computer. Do you know how to fully uninstall QtWeb Internet Browser? For many computer novices, it is not quite easy for them to remove web browser from computers. If you wish for a hassle free solution for QtWeb Internet Browser removal then seeking the help of technical provider offering computer support is the best way out.

Tips for removing QtWeb Internet Browser:


Stop the program from running

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time.
  2. Click on the Processes tab.
  3. Single click QtWeb Internet Browser and Click End Process.


Remove the program from Add/Remove Programs

  1. Click Start and locate the Control Panel.
  2. Once in the Control Panel press the Add/Remove Programs icon.
  3. Find out GreenBrowser in the installed program list
  4. Press Uninstall button.


Delete related QtWeb Internet Browser related files and registry

1. Open Start Menu and then open Search.

2. Enter Keep Tube on the blank and then select QtWeb Internet Browser, click Yes.

3. Once it shown you all related files, delete them all.

4. Open Start Menu again, and go to Run.

5. Enter regedit and click Yes to activate Registry Editor.

6. Find out entries related to Keep Tube and delete them all.

7. Reboot your computer.


Using an extra uninstaller to automatically uninstall QtWeb Internet Browser will be more effective. If you haven’t had such a program, we recommend Perfect Uninstaller. This uninstaller serves as one of the most powerful and advanced tool which can read and automatically uninstall all the entries or directories of unwanted software.


Basically, what a Perfect Uninstaller does is 4 things:

1. It activates program’s regular uninstaller.

2. It will scan your driver to find any related files.

3. It will scan your registry to find any related files.

4. It will show Windows installer so that you know if removed program such as QtWeb Internet Browser is clear off.


Still being frustrated with removal for QtWeb Internet Browser, Avant Browser or Google Chrome? Use Perfect Uninstaller to uninstall any unneeded programs on your computer now!

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