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Bigseekpro Removal Instruction – How to Remove Bigseekpro from My Web Browser

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on September 19th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Bigseekpro.com presents itself as a web search engine site, but causes many unwanted problems, such as replacing default search engine. The suspicious site gives users no chance to reset their default search engine or homepage. Luckily, it is not used to distribute malicious programs or Trojans. Classified as browser hijacker, Bigseekpro.com can exploit vulnerability in your web browser and then collect sensitive information like your online account data, passwords and identity. Usually browser hijackers sell such information to third parties or share them among malicious domains. Is your web browser redirected to Bigseekpro.com all the time? On the one hand, the problem may be caused by any related toolbar or add-on installed on your browser. On the other hand, the browser hijacker may install one like Bigseekpro toolbar on your browser.

How to get rid of Bigseekpro once for all

To completely fix the redirection, you need to uninstall related toolbar and then reset the browser.
Both web browser and windows system provide convenience solutions to removing an unwanted toolbar. Also, there are some thirty party uninstaller programs on the internet that can help users get rid of an application when windows uninstall function does not work.

Three ways to uninstall Bigseekpro toolbar
1. Click start menu – go to control panel – run add/removal programs – select Bigseekpro on the list and click on remove button
2. Run your web browser, take Firefox for example. Go Tools – choose Add-ons – choose Extensions – click Bigseekpro and click Uninstall button.
3. Download a third party uninstaller from the internet. Our recommendation is Perfect Uninstaller.

How to reset your web browser
1. Internet Explorer: Choose Search Providers – Google search engine, make it your default search provider – Select BigSeekPro.com, click Remove button to uninstall it – click OK to save the change.
2. Chrome: click Customize and control Google Chrome – select Options – choose Basic Options – change the homepage – click Manage search engines…button -remove BigSeekPro.com and select a legitimate one like Google

Though you may remove BigSeekPro easily by following above steps, we recommend you to use an advanced antispyware program to run a thorough scan of your computer no matter whether you are able to uninstall the toolbar or not. Running an antispyware program can remove BigSeekPro completely and wipe off any potential risks. If you can fix the redirection or you want to get an antispyware program, Spyware Cease can surely satisfy you.

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