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Blue screen error fix – Prevent and fix blue screen errors effectively

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The infamous blue screen error or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) troubles lots of computer users all the time. The computer screen will suddenly go blue with some content displaying on the screen, indicating a critical error in the operating system. Actually, there is no need to worry about any blue screen errors as it is on the other side a sign to tell you there are some critical errors on the PC. After fixing them, no blue screen error will appear and you can run the computer correctly all the time.

fix blue screen error

fix blue screen error

The first blue screen error fix is to scan and remove all PC viruses. Remember that the common symptoms of a virus-compromised computer should be: a greatly slow running computer, frequent popping-up many unknown errors, constant displaying of ads windows, random PC freezing, or blue error screen and so on. In other word, when your computer is infected, you will soon find the computer run abnormally with many blue screen error codes. To well secure the computer and your personal information, do remember to install and run an antivirus antispyware program in the background all the time.

Secondly, note that the basic solution to a blue screen error is to reinstall any damaged drivers, this can be done be done by locating the damaged device drivers in the Device Manager icon in Control Panel. This will show the hardware that is causing the error to be displayed, uninstall that particular driver and reboot the system.

If after the two above steps, the blue screen error still happens the next time you start up the computer, you should perform the steps below to release more available system resource. If there is not enough disk space for the system to finish your computer requests correctly, you will soon come to the chance to get a blue screen error message:
* Disable some unnecessary startup options to free up memory at system startup
* Uninstall the useless programs from your computer completely
* Clean up the temporary/useless system files immediately with the “Disk Cleanup” utility
* Regularly run “chkdsk” and “Disk defragmenter” to check and fix hard disk errors.

Finally, you should fix Windows registry error. The registry is essentially your operating system’s index for your PC to tell the system when and how to perform every computer request correctly. A wrong entry within the registry database will bring in kinds of computer errors. The blue screen of death is caused when the system is unable to read some required entries within the registry database r when there are too many corrupt registry files. Luckily, there are some readily available registry cleaners on the market and some even have robust scheduling and automated repair features to completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all errors within clicks.

The mentioned solutions above will help you troubleshoot and fix blue screen errors instantly. If you would like to keep your computer healthy all the time, you can use a registry cleaner like Registry Easy, disk defragmenter and anti-spyware regularly to maintain stable PC performance, then you will effectively decrease chances to get annoying BSOD error message.

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