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Boodhound.ST.1 – How to Remove Boodhound.ST.1 safely

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Boodhound.ST.1 is a kind of new virus which has been regarded as a complex malicious computer virus. It is attached spam emails and distributed to users worldwide. When it infects a computer, it may allow hackers to create botnet and occupy precious system resource. It is similar to some backdoor trojan. Boodhound.ST.1 consists of different kinds of modules. Moreover, it affects Microsoft Internet Explorer and inserts harmful code into the web browser process. And then, it will track your browser activities in detailed and redirect search engine results to malicious domains. Once infected, it is of great convenience for remote hackers to do illegal activities on compromised PC. Gradually, you will find that your computer perform weird and weird. It goes without saying that immediate removal is imperative to secure your data. In the following, we will guide you how to remove Boodhound.ST.1 step by step.

How to remove Boodhound.ST.1 manually
Manual way is usually adopted by users who have advanced pc skills and could enough pc knowledge. It mainly involves 3 steps as below
Step1. Run task manager and stop suspicious processes
Step2. Locate Boodhound.ST.1 files and remove them completely


Step3. Run registry editor and delete registry entries created by the backdoor virus.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SvcHost\”storage” = “storage,”

If you are not experienced enough, Boodhound.ST.1 manual removal instruction is complicated for you. You could damage the computer if you delete a wrong file or registry entry. In this case, you should choose another solution.

Boodhound.ST.1 removal program
A removal program is considered as an automatic removal way as it could complete all the detection automatically and what users need to do is just click a remove or delete button. It saves much time and efforts but meanwhile costs some money. It is recommended to use Spyware Cease if your computer is infected by such destructive and tough Trojan virus. Spyware Cease could remove Boodhound.ST.1 effectively after a full scan. If you run the antispyware program regularly, you could avoid much infection.

Moreover, Spyware Cease now provides free trial version. Do not miss such a great opportunity and just download it to get rid of Boodhound.ST.1 for good.

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