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Boot.Gapz Removal – How to Remove Boot.Gapz from Slow PC

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on January 10th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Is your computer infected by Boot.Gapz? Does your antivirus detect the threat and pop up alert? The infection is related to some other Trojans such as Trojan.Gapz. Boot.Gapz is a detection for a master boot record (MBR) and NTFS volume boot record (VBR) modified by some kind of Trojans. It is a big threat to computer security since it can be a security hole for additional pc threats to exploit. What you can find is that the computer runs slow and some websites usually those associated with security programs can not open. Boot.Gapz has similar properties to Trojan.Gapz. For example, it can execute automatically and secretly. It can insert its own code to system processes so that it can escape from detection of firewall. It can modify key windows service and windows registry. When your antivirus informed you of the infection, you may have run the software to scan the computer thoroughly. Unfortunately some antivirus programs do not wipe off Boot.Gapz completely and successfully.

Do you know how other victims remove the Trojan? There are various ways and we sum up in 3 solutions. One is manual way for users who have advanced pc knowledge, which is also the common way used by pc technicians. One is system restore for users who do not care data losing after getting rid of Boot.Gapz. The last is using a virus removal program which is considered as the best choice by most users. I am going to introduce two solutions.

How to remove Boot.Gapz manually
This method is not popular due to the time-consuming process and risks involved. At least you know how to avoid damaging the system you can have a try, for example, you should know what files and registry entries are key to system and should never be removed.
1. Kill Boot.Gapz processes via task manager
2. Search for associated files and delete them
3. Run registry editor and remove malicious entries, keys or values.

How to remove Boot.Gapz by a virus removal program
This method is widely used since it will not damage data and still can clean up the infection. Usually, a virus removal program is very easy to use and the removal is almost automatic. The only thing users need to worry about is which virus removal program can wipe off Boot.Gapz completely. To save your time and effort on searching and trying antivirus program, I recommend Spyware Cease to you. Spyware Cease is an outstanding antispyware program with advanced scan engine. It updates the database faster than common antivirus program so it can remove Boot.Gapz more effectively.

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