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BSOD bad pool header – Solve bad pool header BSOD error NOW

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Keep on getting a blue screen of death (BSOD) with a message saying “bad pool header”? It is highly recommended that you can take note about the BSOD error message when the computer screen suddenly turns blue so as to solve it soon. Typically, a bad pool header is usually an indicator to tell you that there is something wrong with the hard drive is having issues…You should fix it as quickly as you can before more serious errors come onto your computer.

bad pool header BSOD

In many situations, a bad pool header blue screen will happen due to some temporary issues on the computer. So, if this is the first time for your computer to get blue screen problems, restart it to see whether you can start up the computer normally. No matter whether the problem has been solved or not after a system reboot, it is better that you can read through the following solutions for more knowledge to prevent or easy fix blue screen free.

Then, restart the computer into safe mode and fully scan your PC for malicious software or processes. Malicious software or spyware programs are able to attach and destroy all files on your computer. Hence, when the Windows fail to read the required files, the bad pool header blue screen problems will happen. So do remember to run your antivirus antispyware to thoroughly scan your computer. But the way, keeping an updated antivirus program to scan your computer slowly in the background is always a good idea as this helps to block and remove PC threats at any time.

After removing the viruses, troubleshoot and repair Windows. Sometimes, your system must be actually corrupted due to a power failure or virus attacks. When the system cannot recall the required files such as a client008.exe file, a blue screen will happen. At this time, a repair of Windows is generally a good idea to deal with the bad pool header blue screen error. This helps to replace the file with a fresh one and also quickly get back a smooth computer performance. You can quickly do this by inserting your Windows installation disk.

Fourthly, check and reinstall the malfunctioning driver –A driver is fundamentally a file that manages both external and internal devices, such as scanners or video cards. Most of the time, some drivers need to be installed first then you can run some certain programs correctly. However it is, of course, very frustrating and easy for some drivers to become outdated, causing some devices and the computer to run incorrectly, and finally results in an I/O device error or a bad pool header BSOD error. You should right click on My Computer and select Properties, Hardware to look for the device with an exclamation mark next to it. It tells that this device is the malfunctioning one and you should check & download/install the correct one immediately. When the system can recall the correct drivers to perform every system request, no blue screen error message will appear.

To fix Windows registry will be the last thing that you should do when trying to fix the bad pool header BSOD problem on your computer. You know that the registry will get corrupted with thousands of data over time as you install and uninstall the applications & programs. If you computer becomes slow because of registry issues, opening up programs or files, surfing on the internet will easily cause the blue screen of death. That is because your Windows registry has incalculable problem which needs to be resolved immediately. Therefore, it is sincerely recommended that you can download and install an outstanding registry cleaner to automatically troubleshoot and fix the registry errors & speed up your PC without seeking helps from some computer technicians. Soon after fixing the registry errors, Windows blue screen of death problem will be solved instantly as well.

In my opinion, no matter you are running a new or an old computer, you do hope to run the computer properly all the time without a BSOD bad pool header error message. Don’t think it is hard to archive! With the simply steps in your daily life, you can instantly prevent and fix blue screen error easily!

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