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BSOD Physical Memory Dump Error – How to Prevent & Fix It?

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on January 20th, 2013 | Leave a comment

In the middle of playing a game or working with the computer, you will sometimes find the PC halt and then a blue screen Physical memory dump error pop up suddenly. Most of the times, it said the computer needs to be turned off to prevent further damage to the computer… Yes, it is true that a BSOD error helps to prevent some unexpected errors to the computer. But most of the time, a BSOD Physical memory dump error is caused by problems in the hardware and the software of the computer, which might bring in more serious problems to the PC if cannot be repaired timely.

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In many cases, a Physical memory dump blue screen is just a temporary issue and can be fixed after a system reboot. So, when getting the blue screen, directly restart it to see whether the blue screen has been solved or not.

Secondly, ask yourself what you have just did. Have you just installed a new program or a piece of hardware, update a driver, install an update, etc. on your computer recently? If so, there must be the change you made caused the BSOD Physical memory dump error. To solve it, simply uninstall the recently-install items from your computer.

But you have to bear in mind that Windows updates are necessary to enhance computer performance and improve PC security against some Physical memory dump blue screen errors. So it is recommended that you can check & install all these Windows update packs so as to prevent such blue screen from happening. You can open the Windows Update troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel; Type troubleshooter in the search box, and then click Troubleshooting; and then you can click Fix problems with Windows Update under System and Security to solve all other problems.

Fourthly, completely scan & remove viruses from the computer. Viruses or malware are able to attach and destroy some needed files on the computer. Besides, they are able to add themselves automatically at system starts to waste up a large amount of system resources. When the system cannot run its required files, or when it fails to load the system/programs due to insufficient memory, the BSOD Physical memory dump error or other kinds of blue screen error just like stop error 7e will happen. In this way, update your antivirus program and scan/remove all existing computer threats right now.

By the way, to fix the Physical memory dump blue screen error, you can temporarily disable all unnecessary hardware devices in Device Manager, such as Modem, sound card or some external device; start your computer again to see whether the blue screen has fixed or not.

Last but not least, repair Windows registry. The Windows registry is the most important database of every Windows-based operating system configuration settings and options. It uses to store all the data required to perform every basic function on the computer system. No matter whenever you install or uninstall software and hardware, it can add or remove information in the registry. Because of this, s simple mistake in registry files will cause your operating system to malfunction. If you do not have enough technical knowledge on how to repair computer registry, it is recommended that you can utilize commercially available registry cleaners to thoroughly scan your computer and remove all invalid/useless registry entries, repair the corrupted registry and fix dll/exe errors automatically, which helps to get rid of BSOD Physical memory dump error messages within click.

Still confused on how to fix BSOD Physical memory dump error on the computer easily? Just download the best computer repair tool here! It helps to completely scan the whole PC & deal with all errors inside the computer immediately, retuning you a computer without unexpected PC errors.

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