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BSOD STOP error code 0X0000003B – Prevent and stop it Now

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A Windows computer may crash suddenly when you are starting it up, browsing a page or even launching a small program. Most of the time, you may receive a STOP error message similar to the following one on the blue screen:

“STOP 0X0000003B (Parameter1, Parameter2, Parameter3, Parameter4)

fix blue screen error

Typically, this BSOD STOP error code 0X0000003B happens when the Microsoft IEEE 1394 driver stack due to an error. If cannot fixed timely, it may cause further damages to the PC.

In many cases, a BSOD STOP error code 0X0000003B is just a temporary issue and can be fixed after a system reboot. So, when getting the blue screen, directly restart it to see whether the blue screen has gone or not.

Secondly, make sure the hard disk is connected to your computer tightly. Also, you’d better check and fix some hard disk errors. These simple steps also help to prevent a blue screen from happening.

Thirdly, make sure that there are not too many programs running at once. No matter which program you run on the computer, it will call the system for available resource to run correctly. When there are not enough systems for the computer to load these programs, a BSOD STOP error code 0X0000003B will happen. Click Ctrl+Alt+Delete together to bring the Task Manage, find and quit the unwanted programs immediately.

Also, check what you have ever done on the computer. Sometimes, some incompatible graphics drivers and Wireless network drivers will stop the computer from running properly by showing a blue screen with STOP error code 0X0000003B message. If this is the case, you can uninstall them immediately and re-install them again in compatible mode. To do this, you can simply follow the steps here:
* When downloading a driver, select to place it on the Desktop.
* Right Click the driver installation file and select Properties/Compatibility Tab. Select the appropriate options in from the appearing list.
* Click Apply/OK to continue.
* Right Click the file and select the “Run As Administrator” option to install it on your PC.

Fifthly, you should run your antivirus program to perform a full scan and remove all detected PC viruses from the computer. PC viruses are typically malicious software which can steal and destroy any file in the entire system, causing kinds of unknown Windows error messages. In addition to, it is capable of installing itself on the computer without any knowledge of the PC user. When some files just like arma2.exe are mis-deleted by the viruses, you will come to the chance to get a blue screen with a STOP error code 0X0000003B. Running a professional antivirus antispyware program will completely scan & remove all PC threats from the computer, preventing the appearance of the blue screen errors effectively.

Finally, scan and clean out any registry errors inside your Windows. This is also one of the common causes of STOP error code 0X0000003B blue screen problems as your computer will not be able to process the various settings it requires to run. Every Windows-based computer uses a registry database to store all settings and options to ensure the proper running of the system. In this way, when the Windows cannot read and use the necessary files properly, blue screen errors and computer freezing, crashes will happen. So it’s vital that you should run a registry cleaner tool to fix any of the potential problems that insides your registry database. You can simply do this by downloading one of these tools from a trusted website, and then letting it clean out all of the possible errors that your system will have.

I think, even though you are a computer newbie, you can easily perform the above steps to prevent and stop blue screen errors from happening in various types. Besides, it is highly advised that you can keep on doing the above steps in your daily life; this way, you can not only easily prevent BSOD STOP error code 0x0000003B, but also make the computer run smoothly all the time.

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