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BTStackServer.exe Application error – Detailed causes and solutions

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BtStackServer.exe plays as an important executable file in the DOS, OpenVMS, Microsoft Windows, Symbian, and OS/2 operating systems to ensure the proper running of some programs or even the entre computer. But some users complain that when trying to log in some programs such as Skype, they keep on receiving an error message saying that “BTStackServer.exe – Application Error; 0x7757386d applied for 0xffffffff memory address. Memory could not be read”.

fix BTStackServer.exe error

Causes to BTStackServer.exe Application Error
* Conflict between software or hardware devices installed on your computer.
* Virus infection without your knowledge
* The BtStackServer.exe file is missing from the computer
* Some registry problems exists in the registry database
* Some drive errors can also cause the BtStackServer.exe application error

Solutions to BTStackServer.exe error
In my opinion, the first way you should do when getting the BtStackServer.exe application error message is to search on the internet for detailed information about the missing exe file and instructions on how to repair damaged BtStackServer.exe files. If lots of experienced users say that there is no need to deal with the problem, simply ignore it. Also, there are many excellent technical forums on the web providing fantastic detailed knowledge on how to fix a BtStackServer.exe error. You can follow them to go, but the common ones are also recommended here.

Sometimes, if the BtStackServer.exe application error happens after uninstalling a program, then there is no doubt to say that some needed files have been removed incorrectly. Just reinstall the program and the problem will be solved.

Then, you’d better fully scan your whole PC and get rid of all computer viruses. Viruses and other online threats are an inescapable reality in today’s world. Why do I say that? That is because no matter you are online or offline, you can riskily come to the chance to get infected. Once installed on the PC, they will do whatever they want just like attack & remove any file from the PC, eat up system resources to cause Windows hangs in normal boot problem, collect & steal your personal information, etc. If the BtStackServer.exe was attacked and gets infected, you will no doubt get an application error message. Simply download and run an antivirus program to completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all existing & potential PC threats. This helps to prevent further BtStackServer.exe error effectively.

Generally, lots of BtStackServer.exe application errors will be fixed with the above steps, however, it will be very dangerous to modify Windows registry manually & a simple mistake will bring in unexpected disasters to the computer. So it is highly advised that you can use a professional registry cleanup tool to do the job for you. Such tool automatically examines your PC and uncovers any number of commonplace computer irregularities; the application doesn’t simply alert you to these errors, it automatically repairs them and optimizes your PC. So, whenever you experience a BtStackServer.exe error message, run this computer optimization utility and you can get back an error-free system within clicks. You will be able to end this annoying problem in a matter of a few moments.

Simply speaking, an error within the BTStackServer.exe file at most of the time will affect the entire PC performance and stop you from running it correctly. For the proper functioning of the PC and some installed programs, you need to take some measures to troubleshoot and repair this issue on your PC ASAP.

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