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Burn4Free Toolbar Removal – Easy Ways to Uninstall Burn4Free Toolbar

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on October 6th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Accidentally downloaded Burn4Free Toolbar onto your computer and need to remove it away? Uninstalling Burn4Free Toolbar could be a very tough job for computer beginners. How to completely uninstall Burn4Free Toolbar from your computer? Are you in great need of help to get rid of toolbar immediately? If so, the following instruction will be useful for who need to uninstall Burn4Free Toolbar.

In order to remove Burn4Free Toolbar, you can use the following methods. Here’s what to do.

Uninstall Burn4Free Toolbar in Firefox

1. Start the Firefox browser and click on the Tools menu.

2. Click on the Extensions command.

3. Examine the Firefox Extensions Manager window and choose the Burn4Free Toolbar you want to remove.

4. Click on Uninstall or on OK, to uninstall the toolbar.

5. When uninstallation is completed exit Firefox Extensions Manager and restart the computer.

Uninstall Burn4Free Toolbar through Add/Remove Program

1. Shut down all open Web browsers

2. Click Start and select Control Panel

3. Select Add/Remove Programs.

4. Select the Burn4Free Toolbar from a list of programs.

5. Click Change/Remove.

However, what if after uninstalling Burn4Free Toolbar with the approaches above, it is still under your browser? A better option is to download a third party uninstaller.

One of automated tools like Perfect Uninstaller is very easy to use and is highly recommended for computer novice. It is specifically designed to completely uninstall unnecessary and unwanted programs from your computer. By utilizing this option you’ll be able to skip all of the above and completely remove Burn4Free Toolbar at some clicks of buttons.

Tips to permanently uninstall Burn4Free Toolbar from PC

1. Free download the Perfect Uninstaller.

2. Navigate to the folder where you saved the removal tool.

3. Double click the icon labelled PerfectUninstaller_Setup.exe to run the tool.

4. Choose the Uninstall, Special Uninstall & Force Uninstall options to remove Burn4Free Toolbar.


5. Wait for the software to finish the Burn4Free Toolbar removal process. Once it has displayed a message that reads “Uninstall Complete” then restart your computer.

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