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Cannot load IncDapi.dll – Repair IncDapi.dll error quickly

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Still having trouble with the INCD API won’t load at boot up? I have recently received several emails from the readers telling that they keep on getting an error message saying “Cannot load InCDapi.dll” when starting up the PC but have no idea on what they should do. Typically, the InCDapi.dll was commonly used the Nero program and an error related to InCDapi.dll usually indicates an issue with this program. No matter what it is, here you can learn how to repair InCDapi.dll error quickly.

repair InCDapi.dll error

InCDapi.dll error is described as an annoying computer error that is closely tied with InCDapi.dll file. InCDapi.dll file is design to handle memory management, input/output operations, and interrupts. When you start Windows, InCDapi.dll is loaded into a protected memory space to prevent any programs can take over the memory space. InCDapi.dll error can be caused by:
* Damaged or incorrect version of InCDapi.dll file
* Invalid Windows Registry
* Non- removal third-party software leftovers
* Driver update problems
* Low disk space
* Incompatible .dll files
* Computer virus

Tips to repair InCDapi.dll error quickly
When getting the InCDapi.dll error messages, the first thing you should do is to directly restart the computer. Most of the time, problem was caused by some temporary bugs in the computer and will be fixed immediately after a system reboot.

Sometimes, a InCDapi.dll error message appears when the file is missing or corrupted. If it still appears even though you have restarted the computer, then Insert the Windows installation CD disk to your DVD disk; and then click Start and go to Run; enter “expand x:i386InCDapi.dll_c:windowssystem32 InCDapi.dll” and press Enter; restart your computer when you finishes these steps. This simple step can instantly re-register the InCDapi.dll on your computer and make the PC run without problems.

Thirdly, as you uninstall a program, some of the shared dll files required by other programs on your computer may also get deleted. Similarly, some other versions of the dll files may also overwrite the currently-needed dll file on the computer. This may lead to missing InCDapi.dll errors while you are trying to run the programs that require the removed DLL files or a laptop will not load issue at starting up the computer.  If you are in this situation, you can perform the steps here one by one to fix the dll errors:

* Reinstall the recently-uninstalled programs from the computer if the “cannot load InCDapi.dll” error appears immediately upon uninstalling a program.
* Uninstall the recently-installed program if you get the InCDapi.dll error messages after installing a new program.
* Download a new InCDapi.dll file from a trusted website and place it on your computer. But do remember to check that it is really the required version for your PC.

Fourthly, it is very easy for a virus, spyware, or other malware program to cause InCDapi.dll errors as they are able to attack any files on the computer. For this concern, we highly suggest that you can run a full virus and spyware scan on your computer to remove all existing threats. Besides, it is best that you can let your antivirus program running always running in the background to realtime protect your PC.

However, the key to fix InCDapi.dll error is to repair the damaged or missing registry values associated with InCDapi.dll module. The damaged or missing registry values have the ability to lead to further annoying system problems, including sudden system shutdown, slow computer performance and undesirable system pops-up. To efficiently fix the tons of registry errors and remove undesirable registry files, you may consider enabling a reliable and ultra powerful registry cleaner on your computer. A reliable and ultra powerful registry cleaner combines with a series of professional utilities which has the ability to provide your PC with industry- leading solutions to fix any obscure registry errors and totally wipe out any unwanted registry files. Registry Easy is just the best shot to help you totally get rid of the burdensome problems.

So, besides a problem with Nero, some other errors on the computer can also bring in the happening of a “cannot load InCDapi.dll” error message. Just perform the above steps one by one, and I believe you can repair all those related errors quickly.

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