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Can’t find ntdll.dll – Repair ntdll.dll error the simplest way

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The ntdll.dll is a file created by Microsoft that has a description of “NT Layer DLL” and it usually contains NT kernel functions. By default, the file is located under c:\windows\system32, c:\winnt\system32 directory or the c:\i386 directory. However, when starting up the computer or launching a certain program, some users will receive a message saying that can’t find ntdll.dll and fail to continue the job properly. But there is no need to worry too much about as here you will get solutions to repair ntdll.dll error the simplest way.

solve ntdll.dll error

Causes of ntdll.dll error
These are the typical errors of the ntdll.dll file. They appear alarming to a user, especially if the user has no vast experience of the operating system. It can also be irritating if this error appears regulary. When using Windows XP, the user may experience a blank page whilst using Internet Explorer 6 instead of the website they wanted. This is also the fault of ntdll.dll. The main causes of these errors are empty registry keys or the DLL is not registered itself. To solve these errors please continue to the following steps.

How to do when can’t find ntdll.dll?
Sometimes, the ntdll.dll error will be caused when your system is infected by viruses. If you have never scanned your computer for viruses, immediately run your anti-virus program to remove what it finds. Viruses are able to attack and remove any files from the PC, stopping the computer from running correctly or causing some unexpected PC freezings.

If the ntdll.dll error indicates that “ntdll.dll has encountered an error and has to close…”, you can simply type the find name on Google to search for and download an exactly same ntdll.dll file. And then place under your system32 folder. This sometimes will quickly fix your ntdll.dll error by overwriting the corrupt or missing one on your PC.

However, if you find the ntdll.dll error comes from a 3rd party program, you can try to uninstall and reinstall it again to see whether the dll error solved. Sometimes, a missing file in the program you want to launch will cause the ntdll.dll error on your computer. By the way, some applications save you the trouble by providing you a “Repair” option. At this time, simply press the “Repair” button to go and this helps you retrieve the missing dll file if it is caused by a corrupted program.

Also, you should check and update all outdated drivers for hardware devices. Some outdated drivers on the computer can also cause the “The file ntdll.dll is missing” error. By the way, it is best that you can set your computer to automatically download and install all available Windows service packs.

Last but not least, you should fix Windows registry and fix the can’t find ntdll.dll error. The registry is the directory that contains information to run all software and hardware on your computer. When ntdll.dll error comes to registry problems, registry cleaners do the job well. Don’t bother pressuring yourself in reinstalling it because even a simple registry fix can put things in order and even optimize your system. So do not forget this ntdll.dll error troubleshooting aspect when all the above solutions do not help.

According to my own experience, a message indicating can’t find ntdll.dll cannot be missed; otherwise, it may bring more serious problems to the PC. With the simple steps above, you can instantly troubleshoot and repair ntdll.dll error easily.

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