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Causes and solutions of “STOP 0X0000007F” error

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STOP 0X0000007F blue screen error

STOP 0X0000007F blue screen error

You may get the above STOP 0X0000007F error message together with a blue screen while running the computer. It appears suddenly before you are able to save your on-working data. But do you know what it means? Remember that it is telling you a trap occurred in kernel mode and the trap is either one the kernel is not allowed to have or is always fatal. When there is not enough Kernel Memory for the Windows to perform your tasks properly, a blue screen together with error code 0X0000007F will appear.

Possibly, the STOP 0X0000007F error will show when any of these errors exists on your computer:

1) Your computer is experiencing some sort of hardware errors including hardware failure, hardware corruption or hardware incompatibility.
2) The STOP 0X0000007F error will happen when you have software problems.
3) The computer is seriously infected by some dangerous malware.
4) Some files go missing and the system cannot recall them correctly.

Solutions of STOP 0X0000007F error
When the STOP 0X0000007F error appears on your computer screen, you should completely scan your whole computer and get rid of all detected viruses. Viruses can dig deep into the computer and makes it irremovable, reset the computer settings, mess up the registry entries and probably do other stuff that we don’t even know about… If a file that required by the system was mis-deleted from the PC and cannot be recalled correctly, you will come to the chance to get a blue screen error message while using the computer. By the way, to well protect your personal information and maintain PC performance, you’d better let your antivirus running in the background to detect and block PC viruses at any time.

Then, you should perform a test on the RAM on your computer by running the diagnostic software which usually provided by the computer manufacturer. You can instantly replace the RAM that is found to be faulty. If the blue screen error message still persists after testing the RAM, you can try to remove or swap out cards, controllers or any other peripherals. Some issues will these aspects will bring in the appearance of the STOP 0X0000007F error message.

Then, you need to clean out any files and programs that you don’t want anymore. Some unwanted programs on the computer just takes up system resources to make it running slow or causes some unexpected application errors. To uninstall the unwanted programs, you can instantly go to the “Add / Remove Programs” window, locate and uninstall the unwanted programs from your PC. After this, you’d better run the Disk Cleanup utility to thoroughly scan your whole PC to get rid of the unneeded files, which followed by a Disk Defragmentation.

After all the above steps, you should check and repair registry errors. As the databank of Windows system, registry is used to keep the parameters and functions of all your system programs and device drivers so as to make the computer running properly or perform all your requests correctly. However, if some registry values and keys go wrong or deleted, it will implement the operations improperly by showing kinds of computer error messages like STOP 0X0000007F blue screen error… Even though you are not suffered from this blue screen error, it is highly recommended that you can run a registry cleaning tool to well maintain your PC performance.

While facing with the STOP 0X0000007F error message, just take it easy and follow the above steps. This way, you will easily get all the computer run correctly and remove some other kinds of computer errors as well.

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