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Chrome download error – Why can’t you download anything from Google Chrome?

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on January 11th, 2013 | Leave a comment

When trying to download something via Google Chrome, instead of finding the file loaded in the download tray, some users will get a Chrome download error message and fail to finish the download process properly. Since they can’t down anything from Google Chrome, some programs cannot be installed as well as some files cannot be viewed properly. This can be a very annoying error message, but how can you fix it and download whatever you want without issue?

download things properly

Sometimes problems with your internet connection may also results in Chrome download error message. At this time, make sure that you are connected to the Internet properly. Also, you can check the performance of your internet by running an online speed test. Slow internet speed may be a reason behind the failure for why you can’t download anything via Google Chrome.

Secondly, when there is not sufficient memory for the system to download your items or other needed programs, there will be chances for you to get the Google Chrome download error message. So, it is highly recommended that you should make sure that there is always enough memory to load the computer. Besides, it is recommended that you can uninstall some unwanted programs to release more available memory. If available, you can regularly remove the useless files from the computer. All of these help to prevent the stop error and improve computer performance dramatically.

After the above steps, check and fix all errors existing on the hard disk. What is more, you should defrag your hard drive regularly to make sure that all files on your disk space are in order and can be read smoothly. When there is enough space for you to download and save the files, no Chrome download error message will happen.

Fourthly, a Chrome download error may happen when some system files are attacked and removed by viruses or spyware programs. So you still need to thoroughly scan your computer with a trusted antivirus antispyware program to ensure that it is always virus clean. In my opinion, a virus-free computer is always the first assurance of a smooth computer life.

Then, check and repair Windows registry errors. We all know that registry acts as the most important component of the operating system, which contains all settings and configurations of the hardware & software on your computer in order to ensure the proper running of the computer. However, as you uninstall programs/remove files from the computer, the registry is very easy to be corrupted with thousands of invalid/broken entries. When the Windows fails to access and read the required entries correctly, there is no doubt for you to get the Chrome download error message. So, don’t ignore to scan and fix all registry errors on your computer with a registry cleanup utility if you want to always enjoy a smooth and pleasant computer life.

However, if you have performed all the above steps but still receive an error in downloading this via Google Chrome, simply restore your computer to a previous state:

* Start the computer and log on as an admin.
*Click the Start button then click Programs, Accessories, System, and after that select Restore.
* In the next screen, click “Restore my machine to a previous period” then click Next.
* Find the most recent restore date from the “click a restoration date” listing, and then click Next.
*Then click Next within the confirmation screen.
* Restart your laptop or desktop as soon as the rescue has finished. Then, try another download to see whether the Chrome download error message has gone or not.

Well, a download via the Internet is quite a common thing that we would do while using the computer. This way, we are able to download and enjoy the desired files/programs/videos/music, etc correctly. If you are getting a Chrome download error message, just take it easy and follow the above steps to go now. Trust me; they will solve your problem as easily as you think!

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