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Click.livesearch.com – How to Remove Click.livesearch.com Browser Hijacker from Windows

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Click.livesearch.com is a fake website with a deceptive search engine system. If your web browser is redirected to the site or your home page is replaced by it, your computer is infected by browser hijacker virus. Such kind of infection can access your computer without your acknowledgement and redirect your web browser to unknown pages. Click.livesearch.com pretends to be a legitimate search engine, but it is not hard to find out it is a malicious one once you use it. The fake search engine does not provide information users really want but annoying advertisement or links to malicious sites. Click.livesearch.com is also associated with Trojan that can monitor users’ online activities and collect confidential information.

Click.livesearch.com infection symptoms

  • Homepage and default search engine is changed
  • Google search results are redirected
  • Unwanted webpage or advertisement opens automatically in new tab
  • Malicious toolbar is installed

How to get rid of Click.livesearch.com redirection
If you do not want to spend much time on troubleshooting the infection, you should use a professional virus removal program, which is designed to scan the computer thoroughly, pick up pc threats and provide automatic way to remove them. Click.livesearch.com browser hijacker drops related files and registry entries on the compromised system. Using a virus removal program can help you find out malicious items without mistakes.

Does your antivirus program detect the infection? We recommend users who are looking for an effective removal program to download Spyware Cease. Spyware Cease is a professional antispyware program specialized at removing browser hijacker virus. Click.livesearch.com can not escape from the detection.

Another way is to remove all malicious files and registry entries manually. The key in manual removal is to find out all components of the browser hijacker. It is dangerous if you identify a legitimate file as malicious and remove it. Certain system function or program would be corrupted. To remove Click.livesearch.com manually, you need to complete three steps
1. Turn off web browser and stop malicious processes from running on the background
2. Modify windows registry to delete malicious entries
3. Delete related files

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