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Common causes and solutions to application error 0Xc0000005

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on February 22nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

Upon opening a program or a file, the users will receive a window pop up saying that: “Application Error; The application failed to initialize properly Error (0Xc0000005)”. After the appearance of this application, some ever-working programs such as Mozilla Firefox will also stop working. What is up and how can you fix application error 0Xc0000005 & get all of your programs launch properly without issue?

Windows error code 0Xc0000005

The first thing you should do when facing an application error 0Xc0000005 is to check what you have ever installed on the computer recently. Some incompatible programs or devices installed on the computer will make the” computer run abnormally or cause the application error message to happen. Directly uninstall those programs from the computer to see whether the problem was solved or not.

Also, to prevent and fix application error 0Xc0000005 in downloading or installing some applications, you still have to check and remove computer viruses. Computer viruses are the applications that are able to take complete control of the whole system without informing you. They can attack & damage your file; and most of the time remove the system files and delete your important files. When the system cannot locate the required files like missing NTLDR, a code Xc0000005 application error message will appear again and again.

Also, remember that hard drive errors also become one of the most causes of the application error Xc0000005 message. It’s simple, consumers demand more space and the hard drives companies have responded by producing massive 500 GB drives that are fast enough to spin at speeds of 10,000 RPM. However, some hard disk errors will stop you from opening the desired programs correctly. For this concern, regularly check and fix the hard disk problems by performing some Windows built-in utilities.

Last but not least, registry errors are among the most common causes of Windows application error Xc0000005. During the usage, the computers may have gathered a lot of information for a long time. Sometimes, those information are no longer needed but they remained in the computer’s registry, making it larger and larger as day goes. This way, the computer and some software & hardware may have to spend more time to read through this database for the required entries to boot up the computer correctly. If the data access speed is too long and when the system fails to find the correct entries, you will come to the chance to get an application error Xc0000005 message at startups frequently. Hence, you have to track down those information and remove them from Windows registry database timely. If you don’t know how to do, you can solve the problem for free with a registry cleaner utility. Those tools are designed to deeply scan the whole system and get rid of all errors inside your PC, returning you a completely error-free system within clicks. You can easily download one from the Internet and fix Windows registry errors safely and quickly.

Just as what I have ever said in my previous posts, to fully enjoy the proper running of the PC, you have to rely on various kinds of computer programs. But if the programs cannot be launched due to an application error 0Xc0000005, there is still no need to worry about it at all! With the above steps, you can solve such error as quickly as you can!

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