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Completely Uninstall Youtube Toolbar from Computer with Useful Methods

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on January 22nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

Many users install Youtube Toolbar on their computers. It will help you remain connected to the YouTube website even when you are browsing other websites. But do you know how to remove the Youtube Toolbar when you have no need for that many toolbars? What is the best way of uninstalling toolbars from Firefox? There are two methods you can choose from in removing the Youtube Toolbar from the Firefox browser.


Option 1: Uninstall Youtube Toolbar from Firefox manually

1. Start your Firefox and click on the Tools menu.

2. Then click on the Extensions command.

3. Examine the Firefox Extensions Manager window and choose the Youtube Toolbar.

4. Click on Uninstall or on OK, to uninstall the tool bar.

5. After restarting your Firefox, the Youtube Toolbar will be completely uninstalled from your computer.


To make sure that all the parts of Youtube Toolbar are removed from your system, remove the relevant entries with following tips:

1. Open Windows Search to search for all related files.

2. Once shown on the interface, delete those files immediately.

3. Click Start Menu, then click Run.

4. Enter regedit and click Yes to run Registry Editor.

5. Find out entries related Youtube Toolbar, then delete every related entry.


Option 2: Remove Youtube Toolbar with an uninstaller tool

If you are a properly trained PC expert, it is recommended to uninstall Youtube Toolbar by the aid of following the steps mentioned above. But if you do not have much computer experience, you may consider enabling a trusted uninstall tool like Perfect Uninstaller on your computer to help you safely and completely uninstall unneeded toolbars from computer.


This trusted uninstall tool combines with a list of professional utilities that can help you totally uninstall Youtube Toolbar thorough fully wiping out associated registry files and associated data from your PC without any critical system components damage. So, if you wish to totally remove any undesirable toolbars, such as Vuze Toolbar and GoodSearch Toolbar, you can try it.

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