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Computer blue screen c000021a error – Best blue screen error fix

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The computer blue screen c000021a error shows up on a monitor screen suddenly when you start up the computer or working something rather important on the PC. Same as other blue screen errors, why this error happens is due to a failure in loading a required Windows feature to perform your requests properly. And now, almost all Windows-based operating systems including Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 all come to the faith to suffer from such a blue screen error.

blue screen error fix

By the way, the error code c000021a computer blue screen will usually appear on your screen in this format:
STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0Xc0000034 (0X00000000 0X0000000)
The system has been shutdown.

Best blue screen error fix
Even though many aspects are claimed to cause the appearance of a blue screen error, you are able to troubleshoot and fix them easily on your own if taking the correct solutions.

In many cases, the computer blue screen c000021a error might be caused by spyware and viruses infection because they are able to attack and remove any system core files from the computer. Once any file that related to the Windows installer has been removed from the computer, you will come to the chance to get  a blue screen either with code c000021a or code 0X0000008E message. Download & run a powerful antivirus/antispyware product to remove such threats now.

Secondly, you should find correct drivers and keep them up to date in order to prevent computer blue screen c000021a error in future. The driver is such a program that helps to establish a relationship between the hardware and your computer, to make it run properly. However, the outdated drivers will stop them to do this job correctly and bring in the annoying blue screen error messages. So, do remember to check & install all available drivers & Windows update service packs on your PC. All these helps to ensure a pleasant computer life together enhance computer performance easily.

If the blue screen error still remains with the above STOP c000021a error messages, you should perform the steps below to release more available system resource:
* Disable some unnecessary startup options to free up memory at system startup
* Uninstall the useless programs from your computer completely
* Clean up the temporary/useless system files immediately with the “Disk Cleanup” utility
* Regularly run “chkdsk” and “Disk defragmenter” to check and fix hard disk errors.

However, to totally prevent and get rid of computer blue screen c000021a error you will need to pay attention to Windows registry database – the most important component for Windows-based operating system. When installing the any program/application to the computer, it will automatically add some entries to the registry to tell the system when and how to launch them correctly without issue. But the problem is that as you uninstall program or install other programs, some entries might be left over in this database without letting you know. When the system cannot read its needed entries to start up your PC or perform your requests correctly, it keeps showing a blue screen again and again! You should use an excellent third-party registry cleaner tool to detect and fix all errors inside Windows registry immediately. Such tool is especially well designed to scan and safe fix all Windows registry errors and other related computer errors.

No matter in an old computer or a new PC you are suffered from the computer blue screen c000021a error, you can instantly perform the above steps to permanently get rid of it. Besides, all these steps help to maximally optimize computer performance. Thus, do hope that you can keep on doing them in your daily life to stop and prevent the unexpected blue screen errors.

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