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Computer CLR error 80004005 – Get rid of it now

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on February 19th, 2013 | Leave a comment

A computer CLR error will stop the computer from booting up correctly and prevent many applications from running as usual. And one of the most common CLR errors that PC users encounter should be a “CLR Error 80004005”, which usually appears when the Windows system starts up. Just as what I have ever said in fixing “BOOTMGR is compressed” error message, a startup error may stop you from running the computer pleasantly. Thus, it is vitally important that you should learn how to prevent and fix such computer startup errors.

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Most of the time, this computer CLR error 80004005 is generally caused when there are more than one .NET framework installed on the system at the same time. Even though two or more .NET frameworks can work simultaneously on a system, some have compatibility issues. To resolve the CLR error, you should uninstall the multiple frameworks and reinstall the correct one.

Those are steps that you can do to deal with the computer CLR error 80004005 on the computer:
->Go to Start menu and select Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program from the menu. Within the appearing window, scroll down the application list to find the .NET frameworks.
-> When you find the .NET frameworks, right-click on each framework’s name and click “Uninstall” to remove each program from the computer.
->Restart the computer to ensure that each .NET framework has been completely removed from the system.
->After that, download the latest version of the .NET framework from Microsoft official website. Remember that, it is necessary to only install one framework on the computer.
->Install the latest version of the .NET framework on the computer by following the installation wizard.

After the above steps, it is highly advised that you can take several minutes to fix Windows registry errors. Acting as the main component of the Windows operating system, it is very easy for registry to get corrupted or broken as you uninstall or install a program, or as the computer gets infected. Sometimes, some system required entries may go missing without your knowledge. When the system cannot locate the needed entries to load the system, a computer CLR error 80004005 may also appear. What is more, some registry entries may be mistakenly removed as you uninstall the .NET framework from the computer, causing the PC to run improperly. So, run a freeware registry cleaner right now, and you will easily detect and fix all errors inside the registry database.

So, there is no need to worry about the computer CLR error 80004005 at PC startup from now on. Simply follow the above steps, then you can run the computer and enjoy it properly all the time!

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