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Computer High CPU Usage – Fix High CPU Usage Error Simply

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A computer High CPU Usage is a sign to tell you that the computer’s central processing unit is running at max level or is above normal level for the number of applications running. The higher CPU usage is, the slower the computer will be. This is why some will find the computer run extremely slow, or freezes or even crashes when the computer running at highly or 100% CPU usage. Actually, there are many legitimate programs on your computer that are capable of causing high CPU usage error. So, how can you bog your CPU down and run the computer faster all the time?

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Typically, when getting High CPU Usage, your computer runs slowly as well. So the first tip you should do is to press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” or “Ctrl + Shift + Delete” to bring the task manager. When the Task Manage is up, find which unnecessary programs or processes use the higher or most CPU/memory, then you can manually stop them. This simple step helps to release more available memory to make the computer run smoothly without the slow computer performance.

Secondly, run your antivirus software to get rid of all threats inside your computer. The most viruses on the computer, the slower your system will be as they can eat up a large amount of system resources and the higher CPU Usage will be. The antivirus programs prevent your computer from viruses or spywares and delete them instantly from the computer.

Thirdly, you should turn off unnecessary monitoring services. Some new-editions of anti-virus programs will add features to randomly monitor the Web Pages, add-ons and emails, which undoubtedly increase the system burden or eat up CPU usage. Now, even though there is not a reasonable way to solve this problem, it is recommended to turn off some unneeded monitoring services to avoid malfunction which caused by anti-virus programs, or upgrade your hardware to increase computer speed.

Fourthly, optimize file-accessing speed. It needs to be mentioned that, when booting up the computer or running programs, the system will call for some related data from the computer. If the files on the computer are put in order as the closes that we put in our wardrobe, it will be easy to be reached to. So to make computer run faster without High CPU Usage, you have to run the Disk Defragmenter regularly to increase file-accessing speed: just go to “Start”-> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools and then run Disk Defragmenter. It is recommended that you should defragment your computer regularly, especially after each large downloading, file creation or deletion. Lots of user will ignore this basic computer optimization tip without realizing that it can make computer run much faster.

Finally, troubleshoot and fix computer registry errors. The registry is a vitally important database that stores all configuration information for both hardware and software. This way, the computer, hardware and software can be launched correctly all the time. However, due to some reasons the registry can become corrupted and broken, causing the appearances of computer crashes and High CPU Usage when the system cannot locate the required entries correctly. Many times tough issues can be solved by editing some registry entries, but if you don’t know what you are doing, you will run into the risk of creating further damage, even completely computer crashes. If you are not a computer export, it is time for you to download a registry fix tool to completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all errors inside. This will be the quickest and safest way to fix a crashed computer.

To sum, computer High CPU Usage is the main cause for why a computer running slow or even generate kinds of errors. To always ensure a smooth computer life pleasantly; strongly advise that you can keep on performing the above steps in your daily life.

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