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Computer Internet slow – why a computer slow to connect to Internet and how to fix it?

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We know it is a fact for every computer to run slow as time goes no matter how brand new it is right now. And in many cases, a slow computer speed problem usually has something to do with the computer Internet slow issue. There are, unfortunately, many reasons that could cause the computer slow to connect to the Internet. But luckily, there are some simple ways you can do in daily life to connect to the Internet easily.

slow Internet connection

If facing with a computer Internet slow problem, you can instantly check the network connection, especially the network card. If the computer is used to be a server, when receiving request for connection on port 445, it will allocate memory and some amount of CPU resources to provide services for these connections. If overloading, the CPU occupancy rate may become too high. So you have to determine proper settings for “MaxWorkItems” to improve system responsiveness which will be greatly affected ff the value is set incorrectly, or too many system resources is occupied exclusively by a user.

Secondly, you should run an antivirus antispyware program on your computer to make sure that your computer is always well against from viruses and other malicious threats. Besides, you have to ensure that your program is always up-to-date, and regularly scan your computer and remove all the malicious threats detected. If the computer gets infected, you will find the computer or the Internet connection speed runs extremely slow together with a services.exe using 100 cpu error message sometimes.

Thirdly, why a computer slow to connect to Internet has something to do with some unnecessary services on the PC. We know that when installing programs on the computer, some will automatically add entries to run at windows startup, overloading the startup entries and then slowing down the computer. So the second slow computer fix tip is to directly go to Start and then “run” type “msconfig” to access the System Configuration Utility. Here, you can check and disable the programs/ services that do not need to run at system starts to get faster computer speed.

Same as the unneeded services, the computer or the computer Internet may be slow because of a faulty program you have installed earlier on the computer as they will not only take up hard disk space, but also waste up system memory. If this happens, you can solve the computer Internet slow problem by uninstalling some useless programs. But it is recommended that you can uninstall programs with an advanced program uninstall tool as they are designed to completely uninstall all components of the unwanted software both from the PC hard disk and the registry database. If you would like to uninstall those products manually, it is better that you can scan and clean all leftover registry entries with a registry clean tool after the manual uninstallation job.

By the way, when using the computer it is inevitably for us to surf websites and download programs, which always bring some useless temporary file on the computer. They do nothing but harm to the computer and slow down your Internet connection speed. So it is necessary for you to clean up the system junk files in a regular basic.

Last but not least, run top free registry cleaner to fix slow computer Internet issue. Registry is considered as the main component of the operating system to store all settings and options of the Windows. But as we install or uninstall programs from the computer, this database will become messed with numerous useless or corrupted entries. So the most effective means to get a faster Internet connection speed is to download and run a registry tweaking tool because it always helps to easily fix registry errors and speed your PC up.

See, a computer Internet slow problem can be fixed easily if you can perform some correct maintenance solutions in your daily life. Keep on performing the above steps and I believe you can always enjoy a faster Internet speed & surf all your desired pages properly.

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