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Computer keeps messing up – Optimize PC performance on your own

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Does your computer suddenly run slowly? Do you want to surf the Internet properly all the time with some errors like error 813 upon wakeup from sleep? Well, I think this is the eager hope of every PC users, no matter for work or study. But the problem is that, as the usage of the machine, as you install/uninstall programs, or as the computer gets infected, it is inevitable for the PC to get messed up and perform abnormally. Why exactly the hell causes a computer to keep messing up and how can you optimize PC performance easily on your own? Maybe you will get the answer in this article!

optimize PC performance

The first cause for why a computer keeps messing up might be an unknown PC virus. As what I have said before, virus infection is one main cause of the computer boot error. There are not able to run without your permission, but also eat up a large amount of system resources. When the computer cannot recall enough resources to boot up the PC, launch your desired programs or display your desired pages, an unknown error message will display. Just check your antivirus software to see whether it is outdated or incompatible with your system. If so, it will make your computer perform abnormally or slower. Directly update your antivirus program to the latest version and run it a couple of times to make sure you don’t have a virus or malware existing on your machine.

Secondly, check your software and make sure they are working correctly, too. Software, especially the incompatible and unwanted ones will also severely mess up the computer and make it run improperly. To optimize PC performance, you still have to perform a software maintenance job by working from these aspects:
*Disable some unwanted startup items
* Check and uninstall some unwanted programs from the PC
* Uninstall the incompatible programs
* Timely update your software to the latest versions

Thirdly, in case of any corrupted drivers present in your system, it is likely to suffer from a severely messed up machine along with other problems. You should perform a scanning of the device drivers in your computer and update them in case of any corrupt drivers found. If this doesn’t work out, then download and reinstall the critical device drivers. You can also go for the tech support’s pc repair services, which include the complete support for PC drivers also and can help you in updating your device drivers. This can be resolved by performing the installation process once again. Install any program you have recently uninstalled and then uninstall it again, but this time through control panel. This will resolve the shutdown problem.

After the above steps, you should use the Error Checking Utility regularly. This is a good method to repair and detect disk errors, stopping the PC from messing up because of some hard disk problems. Many a times the hard disks face bad sector issues that creates problem in saving files and writing data. This is the reason why you should run the Error checking utility at least once in a week to prevent data loss or a mess with the computer. This is also helping you in a great way to optimize computer performance.

Fifthly, you should fix Windows registry errors. The registry database is a central storage for all important files and settings on your PC. Basically, no matter whenever you launch the computer, it needs to recall a large number of files and settings in this database to make your computer run smoothly and properly. Hence, the registry has been regarded as a central part of Windows since Windows 98, but it’s one of the major reasons why your computer keeps messing up. To fix this problem and optimize computer performance, you should use a professional registry cleaner to scan through your registry and fix any damaged settings or files inside it. By the way, registry cleaners are very easy-to-use program that mostly well designed to scan through your system and allow it to quickly find and fix any number of issues inside your system. They will help to always maintain stable PC running all the time.

By the way, if your computer messed up greatly and you cannot perform the above steps, try manually restoring it to a previous status. If some files or entries were mis-removed, the computer will become messed up and won’t perform properly. So you can manually restore this service in order to optimize PC performance. You can exactly follow the step below: go to Start ->run ->type “services.msc” to access “Services”. Here, please locate “Windows Management Instrumentation”->right click it to select “Properties” ->click “Stop” in the popping-up General tab to temporarily disable this service. Then please open system manager and then open the below folders one by one: Windows->System32->Wbem->Repository, and back up all folders within “Repository”. Last, reboot the computer and it may run correctly as usual again.

If you want to optimize PC performance on your own, do not miss the above steps. Though some of them sounds a little simple, they helps to easily troubleshoot and deal with issues that cause computer keeps messing up instantly! Good luck and wish you enjoy the PC all the time!

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