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Computer keeps restarting – Fix random computer restart problem easil

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What makes the computer keeps restarting all of a sudden? Are you annoyed when the computer suddenly turns off and restarts itself while you are working something important on the PC? To my own experience, a random computer restart problem gives us a lot of trouble especially when your work requires a lot of online work. Don’t worry if your computer keeps restarting randomly and you are not the only one that facing with this error. Millions of computer users all around the world encounter this error, and the good news is that you are able to fix this random computer restart problem easily.

computer keeps restarting

computer keeps restarting

To ensure the proper running of the computer without random restarts, first you have to make sure that it is clean from virus, spyware, malware and worms, etc. These infections will seriously eat up your system resource to make your computer not only slow at startups, but also slow all the time when you are using it. Besides, there are able to attack and destroy any files on your system. Once the computer cannot access the find that it needs to start up the computer, it will take forever to boot up/shut down or restart at any time. So, to fix a slow Windows startup and run the computer correctly, you should eliminate any virus on your computer. By the way, this also works when computer shuts down randomly.

Then, you’d better uninstall some unwanted programs. Normally, the programs install on the computer will always take lots of disk space. The unwanted programs on the hard disk will not only waste the hard disk space, but also make the system files become bloated because the system will automatically modify these files when installing programs, greatly slow down the computer and reduce the working efficiency, cause it to start up randomly without no obvious reason. So if you find the program is not needed any not, please do not hesitate to uninstall it in order to prevent random computer restart problem as well as reclaim faster computer speed.

Thirdly, you should remove some unnecessary system files and defragment the computer. We know that after the usage of the computer for a period of time, it is unavoidable that the computer is crammed with a pile of useless files and unwanted programs. They will finally lead to slow computer performance or event random computer startup problem. So to make the computer run smoothly all the time, you still have to free up more available hard disk space on the PC. To do this job, you can work from these aspects:
* Run Disk Cleanup tool to remove all useless files
* Clear the Internet history from the PC
* Uninstall all unneeded software from the computer
* Run Disk Defragmenter to defragment the hard disk at least once a week

Fourthly, you have to regularly perform a hardware maintenance task. Hardware maintenance means that it is needed to do some jobs like cleaning dust. After being used for some time, the computer may get dusty inside for the fan that pulls hot air outsides are always pulling in air, which laden with tiny particles of dust. When these particles cling to electronics, they act like a blanket to hold in heat. And the dusts always stay at the biggest heat producers like CPU, heatsink, and video card. So a cleaning dust is necessary regularly in order to maintain the PC performance and keep it run properly all the time with no random computer startup. If possible, please keep the area around your computer as dust-free as possible.

Finally, you have to troubleshoot and repair registry errors. However, lost of Windows errors occur mostly because of the overcrowding Windows registry. A simple deleting, executing, running, removing, installing, surfing and so on can create redundant and unwanted file entries in your registry. And a minor mistake within the registry database can create many Windows errors including computer keeps restarting. If you are experiencing random computer restarts, you must take action and fix it soon before your computer gets blue with a free registry cleaner fix. And it is recommended that you can run such computer optimization utility regularly at least once a week if wanting to enjoy a pleasant computer life without errors.

To solve the random computer restart error, it is highly recommended that you can clean out the whole computer and get rid of all errors existing on your PC. Among those, you should not ignore a registry cleaner utility, which helps to completely scan the whole system and repair almost all computer errors.

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