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Computer keeps shutting down and restarting – How to do?

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on March 29th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Your computer keeps shutting down and restarting while you are doing something important? It is known fact that a newly bought computer performs very fast; but as the daily usage, you will soon notice a significant decrease in its performance. And the most frustrating one should be to find the computer shut down automatically and restart by itself. Don’t ignore it; your computer might be telling you that something goes wrong. Here, you will learn some things that you can do when the computer keeps shutting down & restarting itself.

computer keeps restarting

To fix a computer that keeps shutting down and restarting itself, first you have to make sure that there are not too many programs running at the same time. When there is not enough system resource or memory provided, the computer will shut down and restart without any sign.

Secondly, you need to keep the computer always free from dangerous threats. The multiple kinds of parasites from the cyber space have the ability to bring about a list of further complicated and dangerous system problems to your poorly secured system, including unexpected Blue Screen of Death errors, mysterious system pops-up, constant Windows Explorer crashes, undesirable decrease of system performance, network connection failure, browser hijacked, private/business files lost and system unexpected shutdown problems. An efficient method to guard your PC from cyber threat attacks is to enable the Microsoft Security Essentials on your computer if you are a Windows- based user. Microsoft Security Essentials is developed by Microsoft Corporation to offer you overall and real-time protection to prevent the system from the spyware attacks.

Thirdly, to deal with a computer keeps shutting down and restarting issue, you’d better regularly use the Error Checking Utility. This is a good method to repair and detect disk errors. Many a times the hard disks face bad sector issues that creates problem in saving files and writing data. This is the reason why I use to run the Error checking utility at least once in a week to prevent data loss with my computer. This is also helping me in a great way to speed up my computer and prevent some unexpected PC shutdown and restarts.

Also, timely defragment computer hard disk. Lots of computer users have never run a disk defragmentation during the lifetime of the computer, thinking that it means nothing to the optimize PC performance. But it is a true fact that, a simple disk defragment plays a very important role in fixing computer problems as this process helps to reassemble all parts of a same content to make them stay close together. In this way, it helps to reduce the movement of the hard disk head and speed up the data access effectively. So if wanting to optimize computer performance and make it run smoothly without unexpected shutdowns and restarts, do not ignore to run the Windows built-in Disk Defragmenter utility regularly!

Finally, clean up registry errors regularly. Registry is very easy to get corrupted as you install or uninstall program. When you install programs on the computer, it will add some entries to the registry database to make sure that it can always run properly. But when uninstalling programs, some entries will be left down, which leads to a completely messed registry. If the system cannot locate the required entries to perform the computer smoothly, it will randomly shut down and restart. A regular registry cleanup will detect and fix all registry errors within clicks.

Following these steps will help you to instantly fix a computer that keeps shutting down and restarting itself within clicks. So, why not start performing them from now on? Then, you will enjoy a pleasant computer life easily!

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