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Computer not booting up – Steps to boot up computer properly

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Is your computer not booting up properly as usual? It is likely that you may see a blank screen with no Microsoft Windows logo or your computer manufacturer’s sign indicating that something goes wrong with your computer while starting up the PC. Yeah, it is a fact that the computer will not start up as fast as it did when you first bought it as time goes. And some will find the computer will not boot up at all. What is up and how can you boot up computer properly?

boot up computer properly

If the computer cannot be booted up as usual, revert back to a Last Known Good Configuration. This should be considered only as the last line of defense as you will lose any changes you’ve made since then. You could also reinstall your PC from scratch.

Secondly, you need to verify the hardware you have if it is compatible with the windows version you are presently using. If you don’t know how to check the compatibility of the hardware and the version of windows you have, there are simple things you need to do. This is what you should not miss when finding the computer not booting up properly.

Thirdly, update all available updates. The outdate device drivers on your computer may also cause the computer boot up error when the system cannot load its required processes and files. Besides, it is highly suggested that you can timely download and install all available Windows update service packs as this helps to improve overall computer stability and ability to against threats.

After checking and fixing the hardware issue, you should check and repair software problem. Software issue is a very common cause for the computer not booting up error when program confliction exists. If you have recently installed new software, games or drivers before the blue screen errors, you should uninstall them and see if that fixes the problem.

Fifthly, detect and remove all PC threats. Computer startup problem of course can be caused by virus and spyware as they can greatly eat up system resources. If you do not have any protection programs installed on your computer, do immediately download and install one. By getting rid of all computer threats, you can enjoy a much faster computer speed.

Last but not least, check and fix Windows registry errors. We all know that Windows registry is the central database for the Windows system, where vital files, settings & options are saved. With the help of this database, the system can run as smoothly and properly as possible. But, it is also a big problem to the computer. No matter which Windows system & software you are running, it uses the registry each time; hence it is very easy for this database to get damaged – making your system cannot run the processes it needs or use the files it requires properly. If you have no luck to fix the computer boot up problem with the above steps, it’s strongly advised that you scan and clean out all registry errors by using a registry cleaner tool to make sure that all the parts of Windows registry are working 100% correctly. And it is very easy for you to download such kind of product from the Internet easily.

Well, give the above tips a try when your computer not booting up at all! Though some of them sound a little simple, they help to completely troubleshoot the whole PC & get rid of all errors causing the computer startup errors within click. By the way, even if you are able to boot up computer properly, you’d better take these PC maintenance tips in your daily life. Trust me! They ensure a proper computer running all the time!

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