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Computer not shutting down – What should you do?

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on March 23rd, 2013 | Leave a comment

Sometimes when trying to shut down the computer, it won’t shut down. Many users suffer from this computer not shutting down error frequently but do not know how to do. In some cases, even if they are able to forcibly turn off the PC this time, and the same issue remains the next day they use the computer. Well, this can greatly affect the proper running of the computer and stops them from enjoying the PC pleasantly. Read on and you will know what you should do when the computer not shuts down properly.

computer shutdown error

If the computer not shutting down properly as usually, press Alt+Ctrl+Delete at the same time to bring in the Task Manager. Here, locate and quit all the unnecessary processes and programs here. It is likely that some of the running processes may take up precious system resources, and stop you from shutting down the PC correctly.

To prevent a computer not shutting down error, you’d better uninstall programs completely with a professional uninstall tool. The same as the startup items, the more programs install on the computer, the slower the computer will be. When there is no enough disk space, or system resources to run these applications, you will encounter computer shut down problems. So, you should uninstall all unneeded programs from the computer immediately. But in my opinion, it is best to uninstall them with a well-designed program uninstall tool to completely get rid all components of the unneeded programs; otherwise, the leftover registry entries will greatly mess up your computer performance.

Also, we know that just like a human being, if the computer has to load too many programs at one time, it will start up desperately slowly. The more programs the computer has to load, the slow it will be, and the more chance for you to suffer from a computer not shutting down problem. So when encountering a computer shutdown problem, click on Start to select run, type “msconfig” into the search box and press “Enter” to run the System Configuration Utility. Here, you can easily expand the “Startup” tab and then disable the unnecessary items that run automatically at system starts.

Fourthly, completely remove Spyware from your computer. Once you have experienced the annoying spyware pops- up on your computer, you may also need to handle with other complicated system problems, including computer not shutting down problem instantly, slow computer speed, undesirable decrease of system performance, browser freezes, unwanted BSOD errors and unexpected modification of system settings. In order to remove spyware from your computer safely and completely, you may consider enabling a spyware removal tool or download Microsoft Security Essentials for free guard your PC from any cyber criminals. But please note that the rogue Microsoft Security Essentials has been widespread around the cyberspace.

Fifthly, update device drivers to the latest version. The outdate drivers will stop the computer from loading, running or shutting down properly. Hence, you need to update all device drivers to the latest ones and install all available Windows service packs. These also help to fix kinds of computer errors including the computer not shutting down problem.

The last step you should do to deal with computer not shutting down problem is to remove all registry errors by running an advanced registry cleaning utility regularly. We know that Windows registry is a place that used to store all information and settings of the hardware & software on the computer. That is why registry is regarded as the component to control the proper running of the computer. Only with a clean registry, can the computer and all applications run properly without problems. However, as time passes and program installation & uninstallation, Windows registry is very easy to get corrupted or full with some unnecessary leftover entries. Such errors will greatly affect overall computer performance and stability by slowing down the computer performance and appearing different kinds of computer error messages.

Want to enjoy the computer all the time without any startup, shutdown error? Start maintaining your PC with the best system optimization tool here; then you will be able to enjoy an error clean computer all the time without issues.

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