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Computer running slow Windows XP – Steps to make your computer run faster again

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After running the computer for a while, you will find something has changed. And the most common one should be a slow computer running speed, driving your mad if you are doing something important on the PC. Is your computer running slow Windows XP? If so, you are in the right place here as I will show you some simple steps to make your computer run faster again.

make computer faster again

make computer faster again

The first step to solve the “computer running slow Windows XP” problem is to disable some unnecessary startup entries. If too many programs run at the same time, the computer will become slower. So please go to Start -> run -> type “msconfig” to access “Startup”, and then disable some unneeded startup entries to make computer run faster.

Secondly, you should remove spyware and viruses. New viruses appear and infect computers every day even though the PC is only for daily usage. It is common that your system may have been infected without your knowing. Once the viruses get onto the computer, they will willingly do whatever they want just like collect & steal your personal information, attack & remove any file from the PC, resent your computer & browser’s settings, etc. These viruses can slow down computer speed or even cause some unknown computer errors like HP error 0X4001001300001002. It is highly recommended that you can always run a scan and check for these malicious files hiding in your computer & delete them immediately when found. Make sure that your virus definitions are always updated and always download the latest security updates.

Thirdly, effectively manage the hard disk. Basically, the more programs installed in the current version, the more frequent hard disk’s input and output will be. So if we can speed up disk visiting time, we can speed up the computer easily. To accomplish it, we can effort from the three sides below: uninstall all unneeded programs, clean up hard disk, defragment the computer regularly.

Fourthly, do remember to timely check and install all available driver updates for the computer. Simply speaking, drivers are those small programs that allow the computer operating system to smoothly talk to and give instructions to hardware devices and software installed on the PC. Ranging from the hardware devices such as a webcam, printer or graphic card to software like some games, downloads from the Internet, you all need some responding drivers to make them work correctly without problem. If there are outdated drivers existing on the PC, the computer will not call the required components properly and then run sluggishly or crash.

Finally, to make computer run faster again you have to make sure an error-free registry database. A corrupted Windows registry is one another main reason for why the computer running slow Windows XP. Registry is the most important part of the Windows-based operating system to store all vital settings & information. However, it is very easy to get corrupted and broken as you uninstall programs or virus infection, etc. If the registry becomes corrupted, you will encounter computer boot error as well as slow computer performance. At this time, you should run a best registry repair tool to thoroughly scan your whole PC and get rid of all errors inside the registry database. With a clean registry, I believe you can make your computer run faster all the time without errors.

Besides the above mentioned steps, there are still some other solutions to make your computer run faster again. It is difficult to list them all in this article, but I will keep on writing such topic in my following articles. Sincerely hope that those steps help you to make the XP computer run faster and wish you come back!

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