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Computer shuts down randomly? Fix random computer shutdowns effectively

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Have you even asked yourself why my computer shuts down randomly? I think if you are using an old computer, you will get mad if the computer shuts down unexpectedly when you are performing some important tasks on the computer. Actually, the random computer shutdowns can be mainly caused when the computer is overheating or when there is some incompatible & damaged software existing on the PC. You can prevent and fix such computer errors effectively by following these simple steps here.

random computer shutdowns

random computer shutdowns

Just like what I have said in the first paragraph, one of the main causes of why computer shuts down randomly is overheating. So, the first thing you should do is to avoid overheating. We all know that if the computer is being running too long, the CPU will become very hot. Hence, some of the hardware will become too hot and fail to respond, which results in the unexpected computer shutdowns. So do remember to let your computer have a break if it is running for a long time and place your computer into a well-ventilated room, and check your fan is always working well.

Secondly, you have to make a scan to check that whether your computer has been infected by rogue security programs or not. The rogue security programs have been classified as spyware for it is specifically designed to fool you with large numbers of fake security alerts and rogue warning messages into purchasing its full or upgraded version. And it also exploits hidden components to get into your system, damage critical system components and privately collect your personal or commercial information for embezzling them in the future. After successfully gaining your crucial files, the rogue security program has the ability to transmit them to a remote server through a previously created Internet background. To protect your privacy, improve computer performance and prevent random computer shutdowns, you need to uninstall the rogue security programs totally and safely, without harming the system files.

Thirdly, software problem is another main cause for unexpected computer shutdown problems. If you install a program that conflicts with the one on your computer, you may have the changes to encounter frequent and unexpected computer shutdown problems. So, if you immediately encounter computer shutdown problems after install a new program, uninstall it to see whether it solves the problem. By the way, it is recommended that you can first quit all running programs or processes before shutting down the computer, this will save your time. Besides, if there are too many programs running in the background when starting up the computer, it will cause both the startup and shutdown problems. You can go to “Start” menu–Run and type in “msconfig” to open System Configuration utility; then terminate some unnecessary startup services and applications under the “Startup” tab.

Fourthly, to prevent and fix random computer shutdown problems, you’d better check for available hard drive space. If no viruses are found, check out free hard drive space on drive C:. Most of the time, you have to ensure a more than 20% of free space available to make the computer run properly; a low disk space can lead to random computer shutdowns or even frequent blue screen errors.

Last but not least, you should clean up the Windows registry. The Windows registry plays an important role in Windows Vista system running for it functions in storing and managing the system and software settings for all Windows-based operating systems, including the system kernel, device drivers, system services, SAM, user interface and third party programs. Any error in the registry or irregular accumulation of the registry errors has the ability to lead to severe system problems, including unexpectedly popped- up Blue Screen of Death errors, frequent system shutdown and critical system component corrupt. Once you clean up the registry, the random computer shutdown problems above can be solved totally.

To prevent and fix random computer shutdowns, you’d better cool down the computer if you have used it for a much longer time, and well maintain the PC by running some system optimization utilities regularly in daily computer life. This way, I believe you can always run the computer pleasantly all the time without problems.

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