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Computer shuts down randomly – Why and how to stop PC from shutting down randomly?

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How many times have you ever asked yourself why my computer shuts down randomly? In my opinion, it can drive you crazy especially when you have not saved your recent work before the unexpected computer shutdown. Yeah, computers are great when they are running correctly and smoothly without problems, however, it will be annoying when you have to spend a very longer time battling against the random computer shutdown problem. Fortunately, here you can learn some easy tips on how to stop PC from shutting down randomly.

stop PC from shutting down randomly

To stop PC from shutting down frequently, you should always keep it from risky viruses. The multiple kinds of parasites from the cyber space have the ability to bring about a list of further complicated and dangerous system problems to your poorly secured system, including unexpected Blue Screen of Death errors, mysterious system pops-up, undesirable decrease of system performance, network connection failure, browser hijacked, private/business files lost and system shutdown problems. An efficient method to guard your PC from cyber threat attacks is to enable an antivirus antispyware program on your computer. Such tool is developed to offer you overall and real-time protection to prevent the system from the spyware attacks.

Also, you should perform an update job regularly. The computer or some certain programs on your computer will stop working then they are outdated. So to stop frequent computer shutdown problem, to update your computer is no longer an optional part. These three updates include:
*. Update your software especially anti-virus programs to the latest version to realtime prevent viruses, worms, spyware attacks;
*. Update your computer with the latest Microsoft patches, fixes to prevent some bugs that cause by the system itself.
*. Update your device drivers to the latest ones.
Note: Right now, all updates are freely available on the Internet for almost every antivirus program, email client, operating system, and piece of hardware that you could possibly own.

If your computer shuts down randomly, you’d better uninstall the programs you have never used. The bundles of the programs on your computer has the ability to drastically slowdown the system performance for they combines with a list of system components which are set to run at system startup. To uninstall/remove the programs from your computer and speed up computer, you can enable the Windows add/remove app to perform the task: Go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –> double-click Add/Remove Programs.

After the above uninstall process, you still need to defragment your hard disk. You know that no matter whenever you start the computer starts, or no matter when you add/remove files, it will read through the whole system to locate all needed files. If the disk has been fragmented because of lots of disorder files/folder, it will slow down the data access and then greatly slow down computer speed. A simple and regular disk defragmentation job will help you do this job quickly to faster data access and increase PC speed, then prevent the unexpected PC shutdown problems.

Last but not least, you should keep the registry error- free. Windows Registry is considered to be the kernel part of the system for it is mainly used for storing crucial system settings for the Windows operating system. Any registry errors or problems have the ability to bring about further complicated computer to your computer, especially a slow computer. To totally prevent and fix a random computer shutdown issue, you may consider enabling a highly reliable registry cleaner to make a free scan for the registry and fully clean up the tons of registry errors and undesirable registry files safely and easily.

No matter you are running an old or a new computer, it is quite important for you to learn what causes a computer to shut down randomly and how to stop PC from shutting down randomly. To do this, you should make sure that the PC is not overheating and well maintain it with some utilities such as a professional registry cleaner regularly. This way, I am sure you will be able to run the computer properly all the time.

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