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Computer shuts down unexpectedly – Optimize PC performance easily

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on March 7th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Does your computer shut down unexpectedly without warning? Do you want to optimize PC performance but do not know what you should do? This is a common complaint among computer users and no operating system is immune. Sometimes, a simple reboot do the work and get the computer run again but this does not solve the annoying PC problem essentially. If lack of proper optimization and maintenance, the computer will shut down randomly and frequently at any time, bringing in unexpected damages to the PC.

optimize PC performance

To optimize PC performance without random PC shutdowns, you have to make sure that the system does not automatically load too many unnecessary programs at starting up. If too many programs load at one time, you can image how slow it is just like running many programs / opening several websites at the same time. When there is no enough system resource to load those programs, it will suddenly turn off without a warning. So it is necessary for you to go to Start -> Run ->type “msconfig” to access System Configuration Utility ->disable the programs that do not need to run at windows startup within the “Startup” tab.

Secondly, you should remove spyware and viruses. New viruses appear and infect computers every day even though the PC is only for daily usage. It is common that your system may have been infected without your knowing. Once the viruses get onto the computer, they will willingly do whatever they want just like collect & steal your personal information, attack & remove any file from the PC, resent your computer & browser’s settings, etc. These viruses can cause unexpected computer shutdowns or some Windows application errors at any time. It is highly recommended that you can always run a scan and check for these malicious files hiding in your computer & delete them immediately when found. Make sure that your virus definitions are always updated and always download the latest security updates.

Thirdly, the outdated or malfunctioning drivers on the PC can also cause the computer to shut down unexpectedly. We need drivers to make some hardware/software to run properly, however, the outdated ones can brings in kinds of computer errors like computer not responding and random computer shutdown problems. You should update all your drivers (including, graphics driver, sound driver, modem driver, and so on). To do so, follow these steps to make sure that no driver is marked with exclamation mark in the Device Manager:

*Click Start.
* Type Device Manager in the Search box.
* Locate it from the Search Results.
*Expand all the devices and make sure there’s no any device marked with exclamation mark. If so, uninstall it and then re-download & reinstall it.

Finally, to get computer optimized you should not miss to fix Windows registry errors. System registry plays a vital role on your computer to store all important settings and information. Both the computer and the hardware/software all need it to perform correctly. However, if it is not maintained properly, it will be full of some useless/invalid/broken entries, to make the computer slow desperately slowly and cause the computer to shut down unexpectedly at any time. What’s more, viruses and spyware can also attack and remove some registry entries to make it easily unstable. A simple fix on the registry will make it clean, compact and easily to be accessed and then speed up computer.

Well, many unknown or even simple errors on the PC can make the computer shut down unexpectedly. If cannot be optimized timely, more serious errors will soon come on the neck of another. Form a good habit by insisting on doing the above steps in your daily life, you can easily optimize PC performance and make it run at top status all the time.

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